M3 iMac Price: How Much Will Apple’s Next-Generation All-in-One Desktop Cost?

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Similar to the M1 model, the M3 iMacs have a starting price of $1,299/£1,399 (the U.K. price is still the same despite a £150 hike from the M1 debut price in January 2023; regrettably, Apple hasn’t adjusted its pricing in response to lower iPhone costs outside of the U.S.). Configurations with more storage and connections are available for purchase beginning at $1,499/£1,599 and $1,699/£1,799 from there.

An updated 14-inch MacBook Pro

An updated 14-inch MacBook Pro

Apple has released a new entry-level model with an M3 CPU that retails for $1599. The variant from the previous year had a faster “Pro” level CPU and was priced at $1999.

The entry-level 14-inch MacBook Pro with M3 Pro costs $1999; for an additional sum, one may upgrade to an M3 Max.

An updated 16-inch MacBook Pro

An updated 16-inch MacBook Pro

It is the largest and most powerful laptop made by the company. With an M3 Pro, it starts at $2499, although an M3 Max upgrade is available for an extra fee.

Unlike the MacBook Air models, which only feature USB-C connectors, the MacBook Pros contain both an HDMI port and an SD card slot.

New CPUs were not added to Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro, which features a touchscreen Touch Bar keyboard.

Along with the Pro and Max CPUs, Apple has introduced a new dark metal hue called “Space Black” for the higher-end MacBook Pro models. According to Apple, the laptops’ metal is anodized to lessen fingerprint smudges.

An updated 24-inch iMac desktop computer

An updated 24-inch iMac desktop computer

starting at $1299. This model utilises an M3 chip, while the previous one utilised an M1 chip.

24-inch M3 iMac: Design

Apple stepped up the all-in-one design with the 2021 release of the redesigned iMac, which included a bigger 24-inch screen that was even smaller than the previous model at 11.5mm (0.45 inches). The new design also included a variety of duo-colour choices. 

Although there are some things we would like to see, like a thinner chin and a height-adjustable stand, they won’t happen anytime soon. The M1 model’s style and colour scheme are carried over into the upcoming M3 iMac. On the other hand, Apple unveiled a brand-new Space Black hue for the MacBook Pro that may appear on the much-discussed big-screen iMac.


Apple’s M3 iMac is an all-in-one desktop that starts at $1,299/£1,399, with configurations starting at $1,499/£1,599 and $1,699/£1,799 with more storage and ports. The entry-level model starts at $1599 with an M3 processor, while the 16-inch MacBook Pro starts at $2499 with an M3 Pro or can be upgraded to an M3 Max for an additional cost. The 13-inch MacBook Pro with the touchscreen Touch Bar keyboard has not been updated with new chips. The higher-end MacBook Pros with Pro and Max chips also come in a new dark aluminium colour called “Space Black.” The 24-inch M3 iMac has the same design and colours as the M1 model.


How much faster will the M3 chip be?

Recall that Apple stated that the efficiency cores on the new M3 chip are up to 50% quicker than those on the M1 family and up to 30% faster than those on the M2 chip. Apple said that the M3’s performance cores would be 15% better than those of the M2 processors and up to 30% better than those of the M1 family.

Which M3 MacBook Pro should I buy?

The M3 is a decent option if you’re searching for an entry-level MacBook Pro for daily use. Nevertheless, you have to go for the M3 Pro or M3 Max if you require extra capability for activities like programming, picture processing, or video editing.

Will there be a 27-inch iMac in 2023?

Back in March 2022, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo issued projections regarding a new iMac Pro, implying that an iMac Pro would be available from Apple around 2023. But that forecast was made right before Apple debuted the Mac Studio and took the 27-inch iMac off of production.

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