See Through the Screen: Is the iPhone 16 Getting an Under-Display Camera? (We Have Answers)

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The reports about the iPhone 16’s under-display camera have been making waves in the tech world and getting Apple fans excited and interested. People are very interested in the next model and want to know if it will finally include this cutting-edge technology. The concept of a front-facing camera that is hidden and blends in with the screen is truly novel. Imagine being able to take beautiful selfies or make video calls that are very clear without any notches or holes getting in the way.

Such a big step forward would change the way we use our smartphones by giving us a screen that is completely immersed and free of any distractions. There have been rumours that the highly anticipated iPhone 16 will have a sleeker appearance and a better user experience. Only time will tell if these rumours are true.

Innovative Tech Ahead: Unveiling Apple’s Plans for the Under-Display Camera iPhone

iPhone 16 under-display camera rumors

Apple may be considering eliminating the screen notch.

The notch, a tiny portion of the screen located at the top that houses the iPhone’s camera and face sensor, is one of the device’s most visually striking aspects. But this might soon be a thing of the past, according to LG Innotek, a Korean developer affiliated with Apple who has started working on under-display cameras (UDC).

Under-screen cameras, or UDCs, do not need a hole cut out of the screen to work. Including them would make the iPhone screen more smooth, which in turn would increase the screen’s viewing area. Nevertheless, it is crucial to take into account a few key exceptions.

The first is a decrease in light reaching the image sensor due to the camera’s limited field of view. Because light must first travel through the screen before it can reach it, picture quality and brightness can suffer. Since most phones on the market strive for high-quality images, this has been a major factor for any developer thinking about the design of a smartphone. 

The Next Evolution of iPhones—All-Screen with Under-Display Camera

The Next Evolution of iPhones—All-Screen with Under-Display Camera

The first iPhone to use an “all-screen” design will be possible thanks to Korean suppliers that have started producing smartphone under-display cameras (UDC).

As reported by The Elec, LG Innotek has begun the first stages of developing the under-display camera (UDC), which conceals the camera while it’s not in use.

One way in which a UDC deviates from the norm is in the amount of light it sends to the image sensor. The reason behind this is that light can lose some of its brightness and quality as it travels through the display area on its way to the camera lens.

To address this, LG Innotek is working on a unique “freeform optic” multiple-lens system that can enhance peripheral image quality by reducing optical aberrations and increasing the light intensity ratio surrounding the optical module. Since December of last year, LG Innotek has been publishing patents for the technology, and with development having started, more are likely.

The article also states that LG Display, an affiliate of LG Innotek’s LG Group, has begun developing UPC. The UDC’s light transmittance is now at 12%; LG Display plans to raise it to 20% by 2023 and 40% after 2024, matching Apple’s expectations. Despite receiving a UDC sample from an anonymous vendor, Apple believed its performance to be insufficient.

It is anticipated that Apple will use under-panel Face ID technology in the iPhone 17 Pro in 2025 before utilizing the refined under-screen camera technology. The circular cutout for the front-facing camera is thought to be an annoyance on this, Apple’s last premium model. Display Supply Chain Consultants’ renowned expert Ross Young predicts that Apple will incorporate the UDC into its “Pro” iPhone models in 2027.


Apple is rumoured to be developing an under-display camera for the iPhone 16, which would offer a concealed front-facing camera that integrates within the screen. This technology would allow for a seamless, larger viewing area and a more immersive user experience. However, the camera may not have an unrestricted view, resulting in darker photos and deteriorated image quality. LG Innotek and LG Display are working on developing the technology, with LG Display aiming to increase the UDC’s light transmittance to 20% by 2023 and 40% by 2024.


What are the rumours about the iPhone 16 camera?

One of the most popular rumours about the cameras on the iPhone 16 Pro is that the tetraprism telephoto lens, which was first introduced on the iPhone 15 Pro Max, will be available on other Pro models of the iPhone 16 series. (Several people close to Apple’s supply chain have come forward to say this.)

What will the iPhone 15 camera be like?

To begin with, compared to the main camera on the iPhone 15, the one on the iPhone 15 Pro has a broader field of view thanks to its 24mm focal length. With its three “extra” virtual lenses, including the 28mm and 35mm choices, you may improve your photographs without sacrificing quality.

Is there an iPhone 15?

A new iPhone 15 and 15 Pro are now available for purchase. Most notably, this year’s iPhones will include a USB-C port instead of a Lightning one, making them compatible with a wider variety of charging accessories. However, there are several additional noteworthy enhancements to the devices.

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