iPadOS 18 vs 17: Which OS is Right for Your iPad?

By ANAS KHAN 22 Min Read

Looking for the newest things in the world of iPads? You’re in luck! We are going to talk about the exciting battle between iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17 today. Reading about the changes between iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17 can help you choose the OS that works best for you, whether you’re a tech fanatic or just want to get the most out of your device.

Think about getting the newest software for your iPad and finding a huge list of new features and changes. But wait, what if you should stick with the tried-and-true version? That’s where we come in. We’ll list the main changes, improvements, and possible problems with each version. It will be clear to you by the end of this guide what iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17 means for your iPad. Hold on tight, and let’s look into these two fun operating systems!

Performance Enhancements

Performance is one of the things that people look forward to most about any OS version. iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17 shows big changes for the better. The new update uses advanced machine learning algorithms to speed up the system and make apps start faster.

With iPadOS 18, you’ll be able to switch between your favorite apps like you’re flipping through a book. The better handling of resources in iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17 means that users will be able to switch between apps faster and switch between tasks more smoothly. Remember how it took a little longer to open big apps or games? That’s no longer true.

With iPadOS 18, Apple has made the system even better so that every touch, tap, and pinch feels very smooth. The new update also extends the battery life by handling background tasks more intelligently. This means that your iPad works better and lasts longer, whether you’re editing pictures, streaming videos, or just surfing the web.

What does this mean in real life, though? That means you’ll have more time to do things instead of waiting. The speed improvements in iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17 are something you’ll enjoy every day, whether you’re a student, a worker, or just a big fan of iPads.

To sum up, iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17 brings big improvements to speed, making the user experience faster, smoother, and more effective. iPadOS 18 is a big step up from its predecessor thanks to its better resource management and more advanced machine learning techniques.

Multitasking Improvements

For iPadOS, multitasking has always been a strong point, and the difference between iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17 shows big improvements in this area. The new update makes the switching menu easier to use, making it simple to switch between Split View and Slide Over.

The ability to switch between apps that are open at the same time would be like being able to turn the pages of a magazine. This is what iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17 is supposed to give you. The updated multitasking motions make it easier to use more than one app at the same time, which makes you more productive overall. iPadOS 18 lets you do everything at the same time, like writing an email while looking at a document or watching a movie while taking notes.

The new switching menu in iPadOS 18 is meant to be easier to use. You can move apps around, change the size of windows, and quickly switch between jobs with just a few swipes. This improvement in iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17 makes multitasking not just a tool, but an important part of how you work.

With iPadOS 18, you can also do more with fewer taps and swipes thanks to better motions. This simplified way of juggling makes things run more smoothly and makes it easier to do several things at once.

In short, the new update is a productivity game-changer because it makes it easier to do more than one thing at once in iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17. In iPadOS 18, the multitasking menu and motions have been improved to make the user experience better. This makes multitasking go more smoothly and quickly.

App Library and Widgets

The App Library, which was added in iPadOS 17, gets a big improvement in iPadOS 18. When you compare iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17, the new version is easier to use and makes app choices based on how you use your iPad. Imagine being able to open your iPad and see right away that the apps you need are all in one place and easy to get to.

iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17 demonstrates how much more user-friendly the App Library is. It figures out how you use it and suggests apps to you when you need them the most. This feature makes sure that your most-used apps are always close at hand, no matter if you’re a student, a worker, or just a regular user.

In iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17, widgets have also been made better. Your home screen is more informative and useful when you have more ways to change it and dynamic material that changes all the time. Imagine having a weather widget that not only shows you the current weather but also updates you throughout the day. Or how about a news widget that always has the latest news?

With these changes, the home screen is now a great way to stay organized and up to date. You can change the widgets to show the data that matters most to you, like exercise tracking or events on your calendar. All of this data is updated in real-time.

In conclusion, iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17 makes big changes to panels and the App Store. With smarter app ideas, better organization in the App Library, and more dynamic and customizable widgets, iPadOS 18 is a big update that makes the app store easier to use and more productive.

User Interface Changes

iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17: what’s new in the user interface? Let’s jump right in! iOS 18 changes the way the iPad’s user interface looks. While iPadOS 17 made some changes to the way things look, the most recent update goes even further by adding more dynamic themes and features that can be changed.

Users can now change how transparent UI features are in iPadOS 18, which adds a level of customization that wasn’t available in iPadOS 17. What if you could see through your app windows? That would make your home screen feel more open and airy. With this new feature, the user experience is more engaging and fun.

It also has more themes than iPadOS 17, which was released in 2017. Remember how you didn’t have many theme choices before? You can now pick from a huge number of themes that fit a wide range of tastes and styles. Whether you prefer a sleek, modern look or something more bright and colorful, iPadOS 18 has got you covered.

The changes don’t stop there. The general smoothness and responsiveness of the interface is also better with iPadOS 18. It feels easier than ever to swipe between apps and go through choices. It’s like getting a brand-new iPad without having to buy one.

In conclusion, the user experience has significantly improved in iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17. iPadOS 18 is a clear winner thanks to its new dynamic themes, transparency changes, and better fluidity. Ready to make the switch and see what’s different? You will not be let down!

Privacy and Security Features

Apple still cares a lot about privacy, and a look at iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17 shows that there are a lot of new security features. The most recent update builds on iPadOS 17 by adding more thorough reports on app privacy. Users can see exactly what data apps are accessing through these reports. This gives you more control over your data.

Imagine being able to open a report and see right away which apps have looked at your contacts, photos, or location. This level of clarity is what iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17 tries to offer. You can choose which apps to trust with your data after reading these in-depth privacy reports.

iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17 also shows that processing sensitive info on the device is better. In other words, more of your personal data is stored on your device itself instead of being sent to computers. It’s the same as putting your most private papers in a safe at home instead of leaving them in a storage unit.

Along with these new features, iPadOS 18 also adds better rights for apps, which make sure they can only access the data they need. This keeps your privacy and lowers the chance of abuse.

To sum up, iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17 makes big improvements to security and privacy. Your personal information will stay safe and private with iPadOS 18. It has better on-device processing and more detailed app privacy reports. These improvements show that Apple is still dedicated to keeping user info safe.

Apple Pencil Integration

With iPadOS 18, the Apple Pencil is better than ever. When you compare iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17, you can see that iPadOS 18 has greatly improved support for the Apple Pencil. The most recent update adds features like better drawing tools and the ability to read handwriting in more languages.

Imagine being able to write notes in your original language and having them turned into text right away. Because of this, iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17 is more useful. With better handwriting recognition that works with more languages, the Apple Pencil is even more useful for people all over the world.

Creative professionals will really like how the drawing tools have been improved in iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17. These tools are more precise and flexible, which gives artists more control over their work. The Apple Pencil feels more natural and quick, whether you’re drawing, sketching, or just doodling.

These changes are also good for casual users. It gets easier and more fun to take notes, make changes to papers, and even just doodle. With these new features, the Apple Pencil can be used for a lot more jobs and is now a must-have item.

Finally, iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17 makes big improvements to how the Apple Pencil works. The Apple Pencil is now even more powerful and flexible, with better handwriting recognition and drawing tools that can be used by both creative workers and regular people. These improvements show that Apple is dedicated to making the iPad experience better and making the most of the Apple Pencil.

File Management Enhancements

With iPadOS 18, file handling on the iPad gets a big boost. The Files app can now open more types of files and look for them better. It’s now easier for users to find and organize their files thanks to new tagging options and better interaction with third-party cloud services.

What distinguishes iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17? First, let us talk about how the search feature has been improved. It’s never been easier to find your files. With iPadOS 18, you can search for documents, images, and PDFs more effectively, so you can quickly find what you need. Now the search function is much better than it was in iPadOS 17, which wasn’t as good.

The new tagging options are another noticeable feature of iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17. Custom tags now let you put your files into groups, which makes them easy to find. This tagging method works well with cloud services from other companies, making it easier to manage files. Imagine being able to quickly find and tag all of your important files, no matter where they are kept.

When we talk about cloud services, iPadOS 18 has a lot better merging of them. The new version of iPadOS works with more third-party cloud storage services than iPadOS 17. This means you can handle files from different sources in the Files app instead of having to switch between them all the time.

In sum, file management has significantly improved with iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17. Better cloud integration, more advanced tagging options, and better search features all make the experience faster and easier to use. If you depend on keeping your files organized, you should really think about upgrading to iPadOS 18.

Accessibility Features

Apple is still the best when it comes to usability, and iPadOS 18 is no different. The new update adds a number of features that are meant to make the iPad easier for disabled users to use. These add on to the already strong base of iPadOS 17 and include better VoiceOver features, new AssistiveTouch motions, and better support for hearing devices.

What distinguishes iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17 in terms of accessibility? Come on, let’s talk about the changes. First, iPadOS 18’s improved VoiceOver features give more detailed details of on-screen elements, making it easier for visually impaired users to navigate than iPadOS 17. This improvement makes the user experience faster and easier to understand.

Second, AssistiveTouch motions have been improved in iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17 and now offer controls that can be changed to fit the needs of each user. Because of this, people with physical disabilities can use their iPads more effectively by changing the gestures to fit their needs and tastes.

Also, iPadOS 18 improves support for hearing devices by making them work better with the newest hearing aids and by adding better audio processing methods. These improvements make it possible for people with hearing loss to enjoy cleaner sound and more ways to connect, going beyond what iPadOS 17 could do.

In conclusion, the mobility features of iPadOS 18 are significantly improved over those of iPadOS 17. With better VoiceOver, customizable AssistiveTouch gestures, and better support for hearing aids, Apple continues to put accessibility first, making the iPad easier for everyone to use, no matter what their skills are. If accessibility is important to you, updating to iPadOS 18 will give you a lot of benefits.

Compatibility and Supported Devices

Users worry a lot about reliability with each new iPadOS release. iPadOS 18 still works with a lot of different iPad models, even older ones that worked with iPadOS 17. Some newer features, on the other hand, may only work on the newest hardware to fully utilize the advanced features of the newest iPad models.

When considering iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17, it’s important to remember that Apple makes an effort to keep older devices supported while adding features that make the most of newer iPads’ capabilities. This way, people who have older iPads can still get the latest software changes, though they might not have as many features as people who have newer iPads.

For example, iPadOS 18 adds advanced multitasking tools that might work best on newer iPads with more RAM and processing power. Users with older iPads that can run iPadOS 17 may not be able to use these functions or may find them less responsive because of hardware issues.

That being said, basic features and security updates are the same for all devices that can run iPadOS 18 and iPadOS 17. No matter what model of iPad a user has, they can expect ongoing support for important features like app compatibility, security patches, and performance changes.

Lastly, iPadOS 18 vs iPadOS 17 keeps a lot of the same features that work with older iPad models. However, people who are thinking about upgrading should check to see if their present device supports the features they want. Newer iPads may provide a better experience with more advanced features that are designed to work with the newest software updates.


To sum up, iPadOS 18 has a lot of great new features and is better than iPadOS 17. The most recent update to the iPad makes it more powerful and easy to use than ever. It has better privacy and disability features, and it can do more than one thing at once. iPadOS 18 is a good upgrade because it has something for everyone, from regular users to professionals.


Q1: What are the key performance differences between iPadOS 18 and iPadOS 17?

A. iPadOS 18 offers faster app launch times, smoother multitasking, and better overall system responsiveness compared to iPadOS 17, thanks to advanced machine learning algorithms and optimized resource management.

Q2: How has multitasking improved in iPadOS 18 compared to iPadOS 17?

A. iPadOS 18 introduces a more intuitive multitasking menu, improved multitasking gestures, and enhanced Split View and Slide Over functionalities, making it easier to manage multiple apps simultaneously.

Q3: Are there new privacy features in iPadOS 18?

A. Yes, iPadOS 18 includes more detailed app privacy reports, improved on-device processing for sensitive data, and other privacy enhancements that build on the foundations of iPadOS 17.

Q4: Which iPad models support iPadOS 18?

A. iPadOS 18 supports a wide range of iPad models, including older devices that were compatible with iPadOS 17. However, some new features may be limited to the latest hardware.

Q4: Is the battery life better on iPadOS 18 than on iPadOS 17?

A. Yes, iPadOS 18 includes optimizations that extend battery life compared to iPadOS 17, achieved through better power management and more efficient use of background processes.

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