A Deep Dive into iOS 18 Beta’s Best Features

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iOS 18 beta features Several interesting new features that improve your use of your iPhone or iPad are included in the iOS 18 Beta. You’ll walk through the most amazing updates with this tutorial, including new customization options and sophisticated privacy settings. This in-depth analysis will provide you with a concise and comprehensible synopsis of the most noteworthy aspects of iOS 18 Beta, no matter whether you’re a tech enthusiast ready to investigate the newest advancements or simply curious about what’s new. Prepare to see how these updates can improve the functionality and power of your smartphone!

Some Apple Intelligence Features

iOS 18 beta features

A subset of Apple Intelligence capabilities will be available on iPhone 15 Pro models and newer when iOS 18 is widely launched in September, but only with the device language set to U.S. English. The features will be released with a “preview” designation.

Apple states on its Intelligence page that “some features, additional languages, and platforms will be coming over the next year,” but it has not provided any further information. Last weekend, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman stated in his Power On email that some Apple Intelligence-powered Siri features—like personal context, on-screen awareness, and more comprehensive per-app controls—are not expected to be released until 2025. Additionally, he stated that until next year, Apple Intelligence will not support any more languages or areas.

Gurman does anticipate that the initial release of iOS 18 will bring with it a makeover and a more natural voice for Siri in addition to Apple Intelligence features that can enhance writing, prioritize notifications, summarize messages, create unique emojis, and more.

Apple Intelligence’s Image Playground

iOS 18 beta features

You are aware of how artificial intelligence functions if you have previously used ChatGPT, Microsoft Copilot, or Google Gemini. Many of the same ideas are included in Apple Intelligence, albeit it uses different terminology and a different approach. Deeper integration with ChatGPT in iOS 18 is now possible thanks to their partnership with OpenAI, even if you haven’t created an account. I don’t think I would use the Writing Tools much if I were a writer, but I enjoy using Image Playground to make original graphics in animation, illustration, and sketching genres.

People have already begun using third-party apps and GenAI tools for doing this. So it’s a plus that my iPhone has this entertaining feature built in. You can make personalized graphics to attach to messages. For example, you can make your friend into an animated character and send them a photo of themselves with a birthday cake, or you can make an image of yourself relaxing on the sand, dreaming of your next vacation.

Changing lock screen toggles

iOS 18 beta features

The flashlight button is on the left, and the camera app is on the right, on the bottom of your locked iPhone. This lets you access either without having to unlock the phone, so you can use the flashlight to quickly look for spare cash trapped between the vehicle seats or give your phone to someone else so they can snap a picture without needing to enter your PIN.

I find the camera to be helpful, but I don’t use the flashlight very frequently, therefore I like that I can alter this symbol to something different. I’ll utilize this for the alarm app, for instance, to launch the calculator, set my daily alarm, or access a certain app that I use considerably more frequently than a flashlight. You can choose to follow me as I cycle through many possibilities until I discover the one that best suits my usage patterns.

Control Center pages iOS 18 beta features

It is easy to access Control Center by pulling down from the top right of the phone. This brings up several settings, including brightness, volume, flashlight, aeroplane mode, focus mode, and Wi-Fi. It is now separated into multiple screens, each with a distinct theme. The initial page displays your preferences, smart home controls, music and media playback, and connectivity. More pages may be added, the content on each page can be changed, and you can now switch off your phone directly from the Control Center rather than needing to press the physical power button combination.

Deeper organization and speedier one-touch commands to activate a VPN, operate smart lights, and queue up music are made possible by this. Right now, Control Center is how I go to turn on Do Not Disturb mode before going to bed, and I adore that I can do so much more with only a finger swipe.

Home Screen Customizations

When it comes to customizing your home screen, Apple finally allows you to arrange apps wherever you choose. Furthermore, you have the option to personalize the theme on your home screen. Simply perform a long press on the screen in this manner to access customization and select from the available options.

The Tined option, which gives you a monochromatic vibe, is my favourite! Thus, all things thought of, iOS 18 gives you a lot more freedom than you have ever had. In addition, you have the option to select other shortcuts from the lock screen, such as those that replace the default camera and flash shortcuts. You are limited to choosing from the few selections Apple offers; you cannot select any app at this time.

Hide and Lock Apps

Next, just as on Android 15, you can now Lock and Hide apps on your iPhone without relying on third-party software solutions. You can choose to disable an application’s authentication using FaceID, Touch ID, or a passcode. You can also store your private or top-secret apps in a different folder similar to this one; access to those will also require authentication.

Additionally, these apps won’t show up in the recent search menus, much like they do on Android 15. Aside from that, Apple has also provided the ability for users to completely manage which contacts are accessible to third-party apps. You can restrict access to your key contacts in this way, as not all apps require all of the contact details.

Safari updates for information discovery

The updated Reader and Highlights experiences in Safari have undergone significant enhancements, and they, along with the other features, are also accessible on iPad and Mac. With machine learning, you may obtain important details about a webpage directly from the page when you access it. For instance, when you search for a hotel you might consider booking for your next vacation, a pop-up map with the hotel’s precise location, star rating, and phone number may appear.

For most people, to access this kind of information, you would need to open a new browser window, search on Google, or navigate the page to the appropriate part. You can see an automatically generated table of contents for a lengthy article if the website doesn’t already have one, or you can read an article summary that provides you with an overview of the main points of the content, such as whether the reviewer enjoyed the product or movie they were reviewing, what the basic instructions are for a recipe (as opposed to reading the author’s life story first), or other information.


iOS 18 beta features Exploring the best features of iOS 18 Beta shows how Apple continues to innovate and improve the iPhone experience. These new updates, from enhanced privacy settings to exciting customization options, make using your device more enjoyable and secure. By understanding and utilizing these features, you can get the most out of your iPhone. Stay tuned for the official release, but in the meantime, enjoy discovering all that iOS 18 Beta has to offer


Q1: What is iOS 18 Beta? 

A pre-release version of Apple’s most recent operating system, iOS 18 Beta, enables users to test and interact with new features before the official release.

Q2: How can I set up my device to run iOS 18 Beta?

 A: To install iOS 18 Beta, register for the Apple Beta Software Program, make a backup of your device, and download and install the beta version by following Apple’s instructions.

Q3: Which of the iOS 18 Beta’s new features is your favourite? 

A few notable additions are the revamped native apps with new features, better performance, greater customization options, and improved privacy controls.

Q4: Is using the iOS 18 Beta safe? 

A: iOS 18 Beta is a test version, so it might have errors or malfunctions, but it is generally safe. Before installation, make a backup of your data and be ready for any problems.

Q5: May I offer comments regarding the iOS 18 Beta?

A: Yes, you can use the Feedback Assistant app that comes with the beta program to submit feedback. This assists Apple with locating and resolving problems before the public release.

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