Mastering the Update: iOS 17.4 New Features Explained

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iOS 17.4 new features explained With iOS 17.4, your iPhone or iPad will get an extensive list of new features and upgrades. There’s much to discover and take pleasure in, from exciting updates to already-existing apps to improved security and performance improvements. To assist you in learning the upgrade, we’ve produced this tutorial because we understand that navigating these new features can be difficult. Using simple language, we’ll go over the main iOS 17.4 new features explained in this post to help you get the most out of your smartphone and have the greatest experience. Regardless of your level of experience with iOS, this training should help you in realising iOS 17.4’s full capabilities.

Improved Privacy Features

iOS 17.4 new features explained

Apple is focusing on improving privacy features in iOS 17.4 to give users more control over their data and boost security. The App Privacy Report, which gives customers an extensive overview of how applications use their data, is one of the main features. This contains details about which applications have access to their microphone, camera, location, and other private data. Apple hopes to give customers the information they need to make better decisions about the apps they use and their privacy settings by being this open. 

Mail Protection of Privacy is an important new privacy feature in iOS 17.4. The goal of this feature is to improve security and privacy when using the Mail application on your smartphone. It masks the user’s IP address and keeps senders from finding out when an email has been opened. Keeping senders from gathering needless information, enhances email security and helps shield users from monitoring. 

Enhanced Performance

Apple has greatly enhanced the performance of your iPhone or iPad with iOS 17.4. App start speed is one of the main areas that has to be improved. With speedier app launches, you can access your preferred apps more quickly and do tasks better. The improvement is most visible on older devices, as the start times of apps can occasionally be slower. The use of multiple tasks is another area where performance has improved. The use of multiple tasks on iOS 17.4 is now more responsive and smoother. 

allowing quicker work completion and faster app switching. Those who frequently utilise many programmes at once will find this feature especially helpful. iOS 17.4 also has enhancements for improved system performance in general. This translates to fewer slowdowns and sluggish animations on your smartphone, as well as more responsive and smoother use. It is now easier and more efficient to use your iPhone or iPad thanks to these improved performance features. 

iOS 17.4 new features explained

iOS 17.4 new features explained bring more privacy controls to your iPhone or iPad. This means you can see which apps are using your data and decide if you want to give them permission or not. It’s like having a lock on your data, so only the apps you trust can access it. This improves the security and safety of your private information. This update also makes your device run smoother. It improves how apps work and makes animations look better. This means when you open an app or switch between them, everything feels faster and more responsive. It’s like giving your device a tune-up to make it work its best.

Another cool thing about iOS 17.4 new features explained is the new emojis. Emojis are small pictures you can use in messages and chats to express how you feel. This update adds more emojis, so you have even more options to choose from. Whether you’re happy, sad, or just want to add some fun to your messages, there’s an emoji for that.

New Emojis and Accessibility Features

Apple has added a number of new emojis to iOS 17.4 new features explained in an effort to improve user expression. These new emojis come in an extensive list of diverse possibilities, including new foods, animals, and objects, as well as skin tones and gender-neutral choices. Everybody can find emojis that relate to them and reflect who they are thanks to the inclusive and diverse display of these emojis. 

iOS 17.4 adds a number of new accessibility features to improve the iPhone and iPad’s usability for individuals with disabilities, in addition to new emojis. AssistiveTouch for Accessibility is one of these capabilities; it enables users to operate their devices with basic motions even if they have trouble touching the screen. A new menu that offers instant access to frequently used controls, such as Home, Siri, and Notification Centre, is part of this innovation. 

Siri Enhancements

Apple improved iOS 17.4 in a number of ways to make it more useful and understandable. Siri can now comprehend and react to more complicated queries, which is one of the main upgrades. As a result, Siri can now respond to more natural language commands with more accuracy and relevancy. For instance, you can use natural language to ask Siri to send a message to a certain contact, and Siri will comprehend and carry out your request correctly. 

On-device processing for specific tasks is another improvement to Siri in iOS 17.4. This means Siri can now carry out specific functions without transferring your voice data to Apple’s servers, such as setting alarms or timers. This keeps your voice data on your device, which enhances security and privacy. Furthermore, iOS 17.4’s Siri has better third-party app unity, enabling you to use Siri to carry out tasks in applications that enable it. For instance, you can order food from a delivery service or send messages on WhatsApp using Siri. As a result, Siri has become flexible and helpful for a larger variety of jobs. 

Bug Fixes and Security Updates

Apple has put first security enhancements and bug fixes in iOS 17.4 to give users a more reliable and secure experience. The correction of several software bugs that may result in difficulties like app crashes, slow performance, and connectivity issues is one of the update’s main features. Apple hopes to enhance iOS 17.4’s general dependability and usability by resolving these bugs. iOS 17.4 has major safety enhancements to shield users from dangers in addition to bug fixes.

These upgrades fix security flaws that could allow hostile actors to access user data without permission or damage the device’s security. Users may contribute to protecting their devices and data by keeping up with these updates. private data from online dangers. The overall goal of iOS 17.4’s security upgrades and bug fixes is to improve user experience by offering a more reliable and secure operating system. Users can experience better speed, fewer app and connectivity problems, and increased security features to safeguard their privacy and data by applying this update. 


A selection of new features and enhancements have been included in iOS 17.4 to improve the iPhone and iPad user experience. iOS 17.4 is a comprehensive update that wants to make your smartphone more secure, successful, and fun to use. It includes bug fixes, security upgrades, improved privacy features, enhanced performance, new emojis, and Siri enhancements.

You may take full advantage of iOS 17.4 and all of its capabilities by becoming proficient with the new features and learning how to use them. iOS 17.4 offers something for everyone, whether your goal is to speed up your device, enhance privacy, or just express yourself with new emojis. Update your smartphone now to take advantage of all the amazing iOS 17.4 new features explained has to offer! 


Q1: Can I update to iOS 17.4 on my older iPhone?

Yes, iOS 17.4 is compatible with a wide range of iPhone models, including older ones like the iPhone 6s and iPhone SE.

Q2: Do I need to pay for the iOS 17.4 update?

No, iOS updates are free to download and install on compatible devices.

Q3: Will updating to iOS 17.4 erase my data?

No, updating to iOS 17.4 should not erase your data, but it’s always a good idea to back up your device before updating.

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