Face-off: Comparing iOS 17.4 beta vs iOS 17.3

By ANAS KHAN 6 Min Read

With every new iOS version, Apple revolutionizes the user experience in the dynamic world of mobile operating systems. In this exciting new comparison, we’ll look at the latest iOS 17.4 Beta alongside its stable predecessor, iOS 17.3. Get ready for a wild ride as we compare and contrast the two versions in terms of their features, improvements, and innovations.

Performance and stability

Performance and stability

With the release of iOS 17.4 Beta comes the promise of unprecedented stability and performance. The operating system has been fine-tuned by Apple engineers to provide a smooth and extremely fast user experience. It is becoming clear that iOS 17.4 Beta is more than just an update; it represents a giant leap in responsiveness and efficiency as we explore the maze of code improvements. On the other hand, iOS 17.3 is a great example of stability since it paved the way for the improvements in its successor.

Examining performance metrics will help us put a number on the improvements. First impressions on iOS 17.4 Beta show a noticeable improvement in performance, faster app launches, and less laggy navigation. Memory management in the operating system has been improved, so even applications that use a lot of resources run smoothly. However, when compared side by side, iOS 17.3 may be a little slower, even though it maintains stability.

Design Tweaks and Visual Delights

Design Tweaks and Visual Delights

You can’t help but notice iOS 17.4 Beta’s stunning aesthetics. Apple has taken the aesthetics to a whole new level with its subtle design tweaks and refined animations. Every aspect radiates refinement, from the updated app icons to the seamless screen transitions. But iOS 17.3 sticks to its roots by using a more familiar design language, which gives it that timeless appeal. So, which is better: the classic beauty of iOS 17.3 or the sleek modernity of 17.4 Beta?

What’s new in iOS 17.4 Beta?

Apple has emphasized user convenience and personalization as we delve into the feature set of iOS 17.4 Beta. Among the many offerings are new widgets, improved multitasking, and an augmented control center. Equally impressive is iOS 17.3, which not only boasts a plethora of features but also provides the groundwork for numerous aspects that are now celebrated in the beta version. As both versions aim to meet the varied needs of Apple enthusiasts, it’s a clash of innovation and refinement.

Evolving with the Times

By enhancing the app ecosystem, iOS 17.4 Beta makes it easier for third-party apps to work with the OS. A more robust and interactive user experience is the outcome of developers having greater freedom to express their creativity. The latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 17.3, features an app ecosystem that has matured and includes many successful apps. So, is one prepared to welcome innovation or to enjoy the reliability of the old ways?

User Feedback

Including user reviews in any comparison is essential. Those who have downloaded the iOS 17.4 Beta early have spoken highly of the new version, praising its design, performance, and novel features. Being in beta means that there will be occasional glitches and bugs, so please proceed with caution. Conversely, iOS 17.3 has a lot of happy users who can attest to its dependability, but some of them might miss the thrill of the new features and upgrades in the next version.


As we conclude our journey through the realms of iOS 17.4 beta vs iOS 17.3, the choice becomes a matter of personal preference. Do you yearn for the avant-garde, ready to embrace the future that iOS 17.4 Beta promises? Or do you find solace in the familiarity and reliability of iOS 17.3? The decision is yours, as both versions stand as pillars in the ever-expanding legacy of Apple’s mobile operating systems. Whichever path you choose, rest assured that the journey is nothing short of extraordinary. Welcome to the intersection of innovation and tradition—welcome to the world of iOS.


What’s new in iOS 17.4 beta?

With the imminent release of iOS 17.4, Apple is bringing about revolutionary changes for users in the European Union, including the ability to sideload apps for the very first time. Moreover, as was shown in the first iOS 17.4 beta, this iPhone update will also bring additional customization options to Apple’s Stolen Device Protection feature.

Is iOS 17 beta stable?

Since iOS 17 has been tested and is now available for release, it can be said that it is relatively stable. Having said that, users should be aware that there might be some hiccups along the way.

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