Navigating iOS 17.4 Beta 2 Common Issues and Solutions

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You have arrived at the cutting-edge world of iOS 17.4 Beta 2! As you dive into the newest version of Apple’s groundbreaking operating system, get ready to discover a world of new ideas and improved ones. This guide is the best way to get the most out of iOS 17.4 Beta 2, whether you’re an experienced tech fan or just like to learn new things.

StoreKit Issue

ios 17.4 beta 2 issues

New Features

  • If the Enable Billing Retry on Renewal setting is turned on in the StoreKit setup file, Xcode’s StoreKit tests will show a billing problem message when a contract tries to renew. The messages listener API lets you control how StoreKit texts are shown in your app.
  • You can use the product Description Hidden(_:) API to change how visible product details are in a view hierarchy, which includes ProductView, StoreView, and Subscription StoreView instances. If your app is running on iOS 17.0, iPadOS 17.0, macOS 14.0, tvOS 17.0, watchOS 10.0, visionOS 1.0, or a later version, this view change will still work with Xcode 15.3 or later. You can add this new view modifier if you change the style of your product view by looking at the description display property in the setup value.
  • You can use the subscription Promotional Offer (offer: signature) modifier with Subscription StoreView to show promotional deals. If you’re using the in-App Purchase Options(_:) option to make StoreKit views more advertising, you should switch to the new API when your app runs on iOS 17.4, iPadOS 17.4, macOS 14.4, tvOS 17.4, watchOS 10.4, visionOS 1.1, or a later version. Do not use both APIs at the same time to add a discount to the same view.

Resolved Issues

  • Updated: The values Eligible For Intro Offer and Eligible For Intro Offer (for) now correctly show when a customer is not eligible for a deal even though they are currently registered. This means that a customer who can’t get an opening deal right now might be able to get one in the future.
  • Customers who have already taken advantage of an introductory offer for a certain subscription group will not be able to take advantage of another introductory offer for that same group. You can find this state by seeing if the offer type property of any transaction with the same subscriptionGroupID is set to “introductory.”
  • We also fixed a problem that made versions 2.2 and 3.0 of SKAdNetwork unable to receive views or send postbacks. We also fixed a problem that was stopping some accepted Ask to Buy sales from going through.

SwiftUI Issue

SwiftUI Issue

New Features

  • With the new Table Column For Each feature (79492167) (FB9189673) added in the most recent update, the information table can now have changeable columns. Also, pop-over shows will now be closed immediately if they go past the safe area (100811375).

Resolved Issues

  • It has been fixed so that showing an alert or sheet automatically while closing another sheet at the same time would not show the new alert or sheet. The new warning or sheet will now show up as planned. It’s possible for the sheet not to show up if you have code that shows the same sheet automatically from more than one place in your view structure at the same time. It is suggested that any sheet changes that are in the view hierarchy should use different presentation or item references at the same time. (Title Number: 117475214)

Apple drops the second developer beta 2 of iOS 17.4.

iOS 17.4 Beta 2 has a lot of changes. The most important ones are for the App Store to make it work with the EU Digital Markets Act. Podcasts get a new conversation box icon in the bottom left corner, and the Music App changes “Listen Now” to “Home.” Stolen Device Protection gets an update, Siri can read messages in more than one language, game streaming apps can now work, and there are new emojis.

Users should not put test operating systems or other beta or RC software on “mission-critical” or main devices, according to AppleInsider and Apple itself, because there is a small chance that problems will arise that could cause data loss. Instead, testers should use alternative or non-essential gear and always make sure they have enough copies of their important data.


Known Issues​

  • When you tap on a podcast show in the “Recently Searched” part, it may sometimes take you back to the “Recently Searched” view instead of to the podcast show’s product page. There is a way around this problem, though: just swipe to remove the show from the list of recently searched things, and then start a new search.

Setup Assistant​

Known Issues​

  • When Quick Start is used to set up a new device, pairing might not work properly. (120982013)
  • Solution: Instead, choose to set up the new gadget by hand.

Shared iPad​

Known Issues​

  • When people log in to a shared iPad, they might see a “Loading” screen in the Files app. Relaunching the Files app is all you need to do to fix this.


iOS 17.4 Beta 2 introduces new features and fixes for users. StoreKit testing in Xcode now sends billing error messages when a subscription tries to renew. The product Description Hidden (_:) API can configure product description visibility in Product View, StoreView, and Subscription StoreView instances. Subscription StoreView can present promotional offers by adding the subscription Promotional Offer (offer: signature:) modifier.

Issues with the Eligible For Intro Offer property and the Eligible For Intro Offer (for:) method now reflect ineligibility. SwiftUI features include Table now supporting dynamic numbers of columns and Popover presentations automatically dismissing if they go outside the safe area. Apple drops the second developer beta of iOS 17.4 to comply with the EU Digital Markets Act.


What’s new in iOS 17.4 Beta 2?

Apple added a new digital clock app widget called City Digital in the second test of iOS 17.4. Instead of showing you where your iPhone is right now, this app shows you the time and a set place.

Is the Apple iOS 17 beta safe?

Since iOS 17 Beta is still being worked on, you may run into issues with your iPhone that have never been seen before. Installing iOS 17 Beta is not worth it when iOS 16.5 is already stable. If you have problems or bugs, you might need to go back to iOS 16.5 from iOS 17 Beta.

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