Make It Yours: iOS 17.3 Unlocks Personalization Power

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iOS 17.3 personalization options: In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Apple’s recent release of iOS 17.3 personalization options has stirred excitement among tech enthusiasts. At the heart of this excitement lies the groundbreaking feature of personalization. This article aims to delve into the various facets of iOS 17.3 personalization options, revealing how it empowers users to shape their digital experiences uniquely.

Major Upgrades to the Phone Experience

iOS 17.3 personalization options:Major Upgrades to the Phone Experience

iOS 17.3 personalization options: Personalized contact posters, a new way for users to express their own, are a major improvement for the Phone app, which is essential to the iPhone experience. Users have the ability to alter their appearance, giving incoming calls a whole new appearance. 

They can also select beautiful photo or Memoji treatments, striking typography, and eye-catching font colors. There will also be contact posters accessible for outside calling applications.  

With Live Voicemail, customers may see the transcription in real time as a voicemail is being left and have the option to answer the call while the message is being left. Calls that carriers deem to be spam will not show up as live voicemail; instead, they will be denied immediately. The Neural Engine’s power allows for live voicemail transcription to be done on-device and in complete privacy.

FaceTime Adds Audio and Video Messages, Reactions, and Extends to Apple TV

iOS 17.3 personalization options:FaceTime Adds Audio and Video Messages, Reactions, and Extends to Apple TV

iOS 17.3 personalization options: FaceTime users may now send audio and video messages to people who aren’t present when they call them, allowing them to enjoy the communication at a later time.  With reactions like balloons, fireworks, rain, laser beams, love, and more, FaceTime chats become even more expressive. Simple movements may be used to activate the new effects, and third-party video calling applications can also benefit from them.

The largest screen in the house can now host FaceTime, thanks to an interesting update for Apple TV 4K. With the help of Continuity Camera, customers can see their friends and family on their television by starting a video conversation on Apple TV directly, or they can start the call on their iPhone and transfer it to Apple TV. Users moving around the room will always have proper framing thanks to Center Stage.

A Fresh Look and Big Updates to Messages

With iOS 17.3 personalization options, Messages receives major upgrades that include a completely new stickers experience with new emoji stickers and the ability to create live stickers by removing subjects from photographs. In addition to adding effects to Live Stickers to make them come to life, users can now store all of their stickers in one convenient location for quicker access across iOS in a new drawer within the keyboard.

The way users communicate is improved by new capabilities in Messages. Messages looks sleeker with an expanding menu that can be accessed with a single swipe to see I Message apps. With search filters, users may start a search, add more filters to refine the results, and get exactly what they’re looking for. The search becomes more effective and precise. Simply swiping on a text bubble to reply inline is as easy as where the user left off in the discussion, indicated by a new catch-up arrow. A user’s location will update in real time within the conversation if they reveal it. Users can view or listen to the automatically transcribed audio message at any time after submitting it.

Easier Sharing with AirDrop and NameDrop

iOS 17.3 personalization options:Easier Sharing with AirDrop and NameDrop

iOS 17.3 personalization options: Sharing files with coworkers or sending pictures to friends is made simple with AirDrop, and iOS 17 adds more sharing options. With NameDrop, users only need to bring their iPhones or Apple Watches together to transfer contact information effortlessly.  by using the same gesture, users may launch SharePlay and exchange content between nearby iPhone devices so they can play games, watch movies, or listen to music.

Improvements to Autocorrect and Dictation Deliver More Intelligent Input

With a transformer language model, which is a cutting-edge on-device machine learning language model for word prediction, Autocorrect receives a thorough update that enhances user experience and accuracy with each typing session. Additionally, a new design has been added to enhance typing support, and sentence-level autocorrections may now correct a wider range of grammatical errors. Text entry will now be faster than ever thanks to the inline predictive text predictions that users will now see as they type. To add words or complete phrases, simply tap the space bar. Dictation further improves accuracy by utilizing a new voice recognition model.

StandBy Displays Glanceable Information While iPhone Is Charging

With the release of iOS 17.3 personalization options , users can now enjoy a full-screen experience with easily readable information while charging their iPhone on its side. This feature is known as Standby. Standby looks great on a desk, kitchen counter, or nightstand.

It can be customized to show a variety of lovely clock faces, cherished images, or widgets, such as Smart Stacks, which surface the appropriate widgets at the appropriate moment. When viewed from a distance, the iPhone becomes even more helpful thanks to StandBy, which supports Live Activities, Siri, incoming calls, and larger notifications. StandBy remembers the user’s chosen view when charging via MagSafe. Tapping the screen at any moment to activate StandBy is simple, and on the iPhone 14 Pro with Always-On display, it is always available.

A New Way to Appreciate Life’s Moments with Journal

Journal is a brand-new software that encourages journaling, which has been demonstrated to increase wellness, and helps iPhone users reflect and practice appreciation. A user’s journal entry may be inspired by a personalized suggestion that is given using on-device machine learning. It’s simple to begin a journal entry with the help of intelligently curated suggestions based on recent activity, which include images, people, places, workouts, and more.

Scheduled notifications can also aid in developing a journaling habit. The features of Journal, including as its lock feature, on-device processing, and end-to-end encryption, are designed to safeguard user privacy and guarantee that no one, not even Apple, can access the user’s entries. Developers will be able to incorporate journaling suggestions into their products with the new Journaling Suggestions API.  

Conclusion: iOS 17.3 personalization options

iOS 17.3 personalization options introduces personalization power in the iPhone, enhancing the communications experience across Phone, FaceTime, and Messages. The Phone app now features personalized Contact Posters, allowing users to express themselves and customize their appearance. Live Voicemail allows users to see real-time transcription of voicemails, while FaceTime now supports audio and video messages, reactions, and extends to Apple TV.


What does iOS 17.3 update do?

According to Macworld, iOS 17.3 is presently undergoing beta testing and will include a novel feature named Stolen Device Protection. Certain things, like changing your passcode, viewing passwords, and changing your Apple ID password, will become more difficult to access while you’re out of the ordinary.

Who can see my Apple ID profile picture?

On your homepage, under Settings on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, or in System Preferences or Settings on your Mac, your Apple ID photo can be found. Your Apple ID photo may appear in the list of family members that other members of the group can view if you are a member of a Family Sharing group.

Can iPhone be Personalised?

Your iPhone can be customized to fit your unique tastes and hobbies. Customize your lock screen by changing the vibrations and noises for messages and calls, adjusting the text size, and keeping tools like a calculator and flashlight close at reach.

Can iOS see my photos?

Not if you don’t transfer anything to iCloud, anyway. You might have to accept the terms of service of iCloud images if you decide to back it up there. In this scenario, Apple may include a clause stating that they will have access to any images you upload. Usually, it appears before to activating your backup option. It might be seen if you read closely.

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