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m2 iPad Air review:However  it would be more accurate to refer to them as “iPad Airs” in the plural, Apple has just introduced the sixth iteration of the iPad Air. This year, the tech giant is adding a larger iPad Air to its range, which has comparable functions to the iPhone Plus, thereby increasing its tablet portfolio.

When it comes to tablets, the iPad Air strikes the ideal balance between price, performance, and size, creating a nearly ideal perfect effect. The fact that it was limited to an 11-inch display size was one of its primary issues, although today’s consumers can purchase a bigger screen without purchasing a Pro model.

Ipad Air M2 : Cheat Sheet 

m2 iPad Air review:Ipad Air M2 : Cheat Sheet 

m2 iPad Air review:For what is it intended? Individuals seeking more affordable iPad Pro-level features and performance

How much does it cost? The tablet alone costs $799, the Magic Keyboard costs $349, and the Apple Pencil Pro costs $129. $1,277 in total.

What appeals to me? With its blazing speakers, over 11 hours of battery life, landscape front camera for video calls, and quick speed for machine learning applications and games, the M2 is a powerful machine.

What is it that I dislike? My laptop can’t quite be replaced by iPadOS + Magic Keyboard because it doesn’t support Thunderbolt and doesn’t have Face ID.

m2 iPad Air review: performance

m2 iPad Air review:m2 iPad Air review: performance

The performance of the new iPad Air has improved significantly, moving from the M1 to the M2 chipset. What does that actually mean in real life? According to Apple, the M2 boasts a 15% speedier CPU and a 25% stronger GPU than the original model. According to Apple, the new iPad Air is about 50% faster than its predecessor because to its higher memory bandwidth.

A 40% quicker neural engine, or the portion of silicon used for artificial intelligence-based operations like Siri, is another feature of the M2.

The 64GB base storage has been increased to 128GB. Additionally, the maximum storage capacity has increased from 256GB to 1TB, but only if you purchase the larger 13-inch iPad Air.

Furthermore, Bluetooth 5.3, which offers a more reliable and power-efficient connection with Bluetooth devices, is supported by both of the 2024 iPad Airs. In addition, Apple updated its mid-range tablet, the Wi-Fi 6E, to support the speedier 6GHz Wi-Fi networks.

iPad Air M2 (2024) Software

m2 iPad Air review:iPad Air M2 (2024) Software

m2 iPad Air review:When the new iPhone 15 series was launched back in September, Apple released iPadOS 17, which is what the iPad Air M2 (2024) ships with out of the box.

Many of the features available on iPhones are also accessible on iPadOS 17, including customizable lock screens, interactive home screen widgets, and the ability to check your fitness and health data on your iPad thanks to the Health app.

But the new iPad Airs also include AI capabilities like Subject Lift, Visual Look Up, and Live Text capture because of the M2 chipset.

Similar to iPhones, iPads are typically supported for five to seven years in terms of software upgrades. Usually, it lasts for six years, so you don’t need to worry about future-proofing.

iPad Air M2 (2024) Battery

m2 iPad Air review:Similar to other devices, Apple does not provide information about the charging speeds or battery life of their iPads, including the iPad Air. Apple guarantees the same 10 hours of browsing or video over Wi-Fi and 9 hours over cellular for both iPad Airs, so we assume that the two have the same amount of battery life—even if the 13-inch device likely has a larger capacity.

The 13-inch iPad Air charges at the same rate as other iPad models. If we had to think, that would indicate that, when using Apple’s recommended 20W charger, the larger model would take three to four hours to fully charge, and the smaller one would take around two to ten minutes.

iPad Air M2 (2024) Audio Quality and Haptics

m2 iPad Air review, released in 2024, continues Apple’s tradition of delivering exceptional audio quality and innovative haptic feedback technology. One of the standout features that differentiate the iPad Air from the Pro models is its speaker system. In contrast to the Pro iPads, the Air series features a dual-speaker setup, whereas the Pro models typically boast four speakers for enhanced audio output.

Apple has highlighted significant improvements in the speaker performance of the larger 13-inch iPad Air M2, with claims of “double the bass” compared to its predecessors. This enhancement promises a more robust and immersive audio experience, particularly for users who prioritize audio quality in their tablet devices.

The incorporation of advanced speaker technology in the iPad Air M2 contributes to a more enjoyable multimedia experience. Whether you’re watching movies, listening to music, or engaging in gaming, the upgraded speakers deliver clearer vocals, richer tones, and deeper bass. This enhancement is a testament to Apple’s commitment to refining the audio capabilities of its tablet lineup.

iPad Air M2 (2024) Models

m2 iPad Air review:The iPad Air M2 (2024) is available in two sizes: an 11-inch model and a 13-inch model. These options align closely with the iPad Pro series, providing consumers with a choice based on their preference for screen size and audio quality. This means that those seeking a larger display and enhanced sound experience can opt for the 13-inch iPad Air M2 without having to invest in the pricier Pro models.

iPad Air M2 (2024) Camera

m2 iPad Air review emphasizes the continued use of a 12MP primary camera, a standard feature in tablets where rear cameras are often less utilized. It’s unsurprising that Apple has maintained this resolution for the 2024 iPad Air model, given the primary focus of tablets on productivity and content consumption rather than photography.

One notable change is the relocation of the iPad Air’s 12MP ultra-wide selfie camera, now positioned within one of the taller bezels. This placement enhances the usability of the tablet when held horizontally, offering a more comfortable and ergonomic experience for users engaging in video calls or capturing selfies. This adjustment aligns with Apple’s design philosophy, optimizing functionality while maintaining a sleek and modern aesthetic for the iPad Air M2.

Apple Pencil Pro 2 is a winner

The new Apple Pencil Pro ($129), which is compatible with the iPad Air 2024, has a few significant benefits for people who enjoy using a digital pen for note-taking, sketching, fine-tuning pictures, and other purposes.

Squeeze, which appears as a short menu whenever you squeeze the Apple Pencil Pro when it’s hovering just above the screen, is my favorite feature. For instance, a pop-up toolbar with the undo button, eraser, marker, pen, and color picker may be found in the Notes app. It’s convenient to have these choices available at all times.

The Apple Pencil Pro has haptic feedback, which is a lovely touch, and you’ll also feel it when a smart form clicks into place. It’s already possible to alter the squeeze menu in many circumstances, and Apple has let third-party developers to create their own tool palettes for their programs (like Procreate).

Finally, there’s barrel roll, a creative new function that modifies the orientation of your brush tool or pen stroke depending on how you rotate the Apple Pencil Pro’s barrel. When attempting to paint a blue sky, I liked that the device allowed me to see a wider stroke as I tilted it.


Apple has introduced the M2 iPad Air, a larger tablet with comparable functions to the iPhone Plus. The tablet is priced at $799, with the Magic Keyboard at $349 and the Apple Pencil Pro at $129. The M2 offers more affordable iPad Pro-level features and performance, with a 15% faster CPU and 25% stronger GPU than the original model. It also has a 40% quicker neural engine for artificial intelligence-based operations like Siri.

The iPad Air M2 (2024) has two versions: an 11-inch iPad Air and a 13-inch iPad Air, which imitate the iPad Pro series. The 12MP primary camera remains unchanged, but the 12MP ultra-wide selfie camera is now located inside one of the taller bezels.


Is the new iPad M2 worth it?

You may be confident that the iPad Air’s M2 chip will function admirably in almost any task you give it. The M2 iPad Air can handle everything, including intensive gaming, multitasking, efficiency, and raw performance.

Will there be an iPad Air M2?

The new iPad Air with M2, which is now available in two sizes for the first time, is more potent and adaptable than ever. It has a front-facing camera that faces landscape, faster Wi-Fi, amazing performance, and compatibility for the Apple Pencil Pro.

Is iPad Air 2 better than iPad Air?

The iPad Air 2 series has a much superior “iSight” camera facing back. The iPad Air 2 boasts an 8 megapixel sensor, while the original iPad Air only has a 5 megapixel sensor. Both devices feature an f/2.4 aperture and can capture still images and 30 frames per second 1080p video.

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