Remove iCloud Open Menu PET token 2023

How to remove icloud from open menu devices for iPhones and iPads 2023 method. This is 100% Free method, no need to use paid method

By ANAS KHAN 2 Min Read
icloud remove 2023

Criteria for Remove iCloud Open Menu 2023:

1: only clean devicea are supported, no lock screen time. 
2. iCloud storage can load.
3. Show list device in iCloud setting.
4. Game center can turn off and on.

Required Softwares for icloud remove from open menu :


Elcomsoft Phone Breaker


  1. Remove Apps, Photos, Videos, Cache Safari.
  2. File Update System for quick backup.
  3. You need to turn off then turn on Game Center before backup
  4. Token will expire in 5 minutes so you need do quickly (if Tokens expire you need turn off then turn on for re make backup again)
  5. Read S/N via 3uTool
  6. Make encrypted backup of your phone and set encryption password to 1234
  7. decrypt backup via Elcomesoft and find your PET Token
  8. extract PET Token and Find your iCloud Password
  9. Goto Find my iPhone and turn OFF iCloud
  10. Your Done ✅

Conclusion :
This iCloud removal tutorial is intended solely for educational purposes. It is important to clarify that removing iCloud activation locks or attempting to bypass them without the owner’s consent is illegal and unethical. The tutorial provided here does not promote or condone any illegal activities. Instead, it aims to educate users about the iCloud activation lock and the importance of legitimate device ownership verification. Please ensure that you always respect the law and the rights of device owners.

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