Master the Magic A Beginner’s Guide How to use Google Gemini

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Here in “Master the Magic: A Beginner’s Guide to Using Google Gemini,” you will find all the information you need to begin making the most of this incredible tool. Together, we will explore the complex world of Google Gemini in this detailed book, and you will gain the knowledge and confidence to traverse its marvels with ease and confidence.

This tutorial will help you understand Google Gemini and use it to your advantage, whether you’re a beginner trying to learn the basics of digital advertising or an experienced marketer wanting to add some tricks to the collection. Join me on this life-altering adventure as I reveal the keys to succeeding in the digital world.

How to use Google Gemini (formerly Google Bard)

How to use Google Gemini (formerly Google Bard)

Meanwhile, new AI tools were making waves with their impressive features and ground-breaking concepts, but Google’s brainchild was getting people talking for very opposite reasons. On many occasions, Bard’s first performance was deemed inadequate. From its unfortunate premiere to its official launch, people had a hard time trusting the chatbot to provide them with accurate information or simply keep up with a discussion without going crazy.

In the time after, Google rebranded Bard as Gemini to reflect the eponymous large language model (LLM) that powers it, Gemini Pro. It also received significant enhancements. Gemini isn’t the same Bard from a year ago; now, it can have discussions that are just as beneficial as ChatGPT’s, produce photos, and integrate seamlessly with Google Workspace. 

In addition to being an excellent AI chatbot, Gemini is now a powerful generative tool that can write everything from cover letters and assignments to computer code and Excel formulas, answer questions, and provide extensive translations. When asked a question, Gemini employs AI like ChatGPT to provide answers that seem natural.

Go to the Gemini website and log in.

Go to the Gemini website and log in.

Before you can begin interacting with Google’s chatbot, go over to and sign in using your Google account. 

How to download the Google Gemini app

Installing the Gemini app on your Android smartphone is the first step. Let me show you how to begin:

Step 1: Go to their mobile device’s Google Play Store.

Step 2: Open the app store and look for the Google Gemini app.

Step 3: When you’re ready to install the app, click the Install button.

Step 4: Install Google Gemini on your mobile device.

Get familiar with the Gemini chat window.

After logging into Gemini, you will be sent to the chat box, which is quite simple. We made sure that the Gemini chat window was as simple to use and navigate as the rest of the popular AI chatbots that are already available for public use.

When you open the Gemini window (seen below), you will find:

  • Main menu: a hidden menu icon is located in the upper left corner. 
  • Click the “New Chat” button at the very top of the window’s left-hand menu to end the current chat and begin a new one.
  • Area for text: Type in your questions or prompts at the screen’s bottom and press enter, or use the Submit button on the right to email them.
  • Clicking the microphone icon inside the text field allows you to narrate your instructions in Gemini.
  • Explore the Google Lens connection with Gemini by adding photos and asking Gemini questions about them using the Upload Image button, which is located to the left of the text field. 
  • Discussion: The conversation window will display your interaction with Gemini in the middle. As soon as the AI chatbot responds to your questions, you’ll be able to check previous versions of the responses and rate them. Additional options include selecting, reporting, copying to the clipboard, and refreshing for a new response.
  • The alternative to reading Gemini’s answer is to listen to it. Gemini will read out its answer when you click on the speaker. 
  • To make changes, click the Edit icon that appears next to your chat window’s prompt. When you need to be more detailed but don’t want to redo your question, you may change your prompt to obtain a new response by clicking this button.

How to use the Google Gemini app

You are now ready to begin using the new tool with the Gemini app installed on your Android smartphone. Get started with the app:

Step 1: Open the Gemini app.

Step 2. Choose “Get Started.”

Step 3. When you’ve gone over how Gemini may assist, click More. Then, on the next page, click I agree.

Step 4: Every day, there are more and more ways Gemini may lend a hand. Among its many uses, it facilitates the realization of ideas, the acquisition of new skills, the execution of various phone duties, and much more.

Step 4. You may now start utilizing Gemini via voice, text, or a picture. Click the mail icon once you’ve entered your desired text in the “Type,” “Talk,” or “Share a photo” box. From the main menu of the app, you may also choose to begin with a recommendation.

Step 5. To do further research, repeat

Step 6. Use Gemini’s Chats area, which is located in the screen’s center, to see a history of your requests and queries.

  • Discussing with Gemini won’t be stored, but your suggestions will. A new tab will appear with your prompt history when you click Gemini Activity on the left.
  • Gemini is capable of handling extensions that link it to services like Google Maps, YouTube, Flights, and Hotels, allowing it to provide more comprehensive results. 
  • For assistance, go to Help & Support and then click on Gemini Help or Send Feedback if you’re having trouble using the AI-powered tool from Google.
  • In the Settings menu, you may choose between a dark and light look for Gemini, as well as see and edit the links you’ve made for talks.
  • You may access Google Apps next to Settings in Gemini because you’re signed in to your Google account. 
  • In the upper-right corner of the window, you should see your Google account. 

How to replace the Google Assistant with Gemini

Simply by downloading Gemini, you may substitute Google Assistant with it anytime you speak “Hey Google” or “OK Google.” Follow these steps to switch from Google Assistant to Gemini as your default answering service:

1. Go to the Gemini app and tap on your profile image. It should be in the upper-right corner.

2. Choosing Settings

3. Hoose digital assistants from Google’s offerings.

4. Make Gemini your go-to virtual assistant.

If you would like Gemini to stop responding to “Hey Google” and “OK Google,” you may do it by following Step 5 and selecting Google Assistant.

The Gemini app is now only accessible in English and for Android phones in the United States. Although we do not yet have a specific date in mind, we anticipate that it will soon spread to other nations and languages.

The addition of Gemini to the Google app for iOS is scheduled for “in the coming weeks.” Although there will not be a standalone Gemini app, Google is integrating the features of Gemini into its iPhone app.

Create images with Gemini.

The ability to request picture creation from Gemini is similar to that of ChatGPT Plus and Microsoft Copilot (also known as Bing Chat). To have Gemini create the picture you want, just provide your instructions in the chat box. 

I’m requesting that Gemini “create an image for a social media post of a plate of food to advertise a Caribbean food festival.”

Download your image or regenerate

You have the option to download, regenerate, or produce a new picture once Gemini has generated one or more. 

I chose to download the photograph that I liked the best by clicking on it. Even though it’s hard to see what’s in the bowls, this picture seems very true for Caribbean cuisine to someone who grew up there. Even though AI-generated photographs could be lacking in specifics, the food nonetheless appears delicious. 


Google Gemini, formerly known as Google Bard, is an AI chatbot that can provide accurate information, generate images, and integrate with Google Workspace. It is a generative AI tool that can generate text for various tasks, including cover letters, homework, and translations. To use Gemini, users need to visit the Gemini homepage and download the app on their Android device. The Gemini chat window is user-friendly and offers features like a main menu, new chat, text area, microphone, upload image, conversation, listen, and edit options. The app also allows users to share drafts, provide feedback, and listen to responses.


How do I access Google Gemini AI?

You can use Gemini just as you would any other Google Assistant feature—by tapping the home button, swiping from the side of certain phones, or even just saying “Hey Google.” This feature is available to anyone who has downloaded the app or opted to use Google Assistant.

Is Google Gemini free to use?

If you have a Standard or Premium membership and have used it for at least two months, Google will give you free access to Gemini Advanced. The next month, they’ll have to fork up Rs. 1,950.

Is Gemini AI available to use?

A subscription to Google Gemini Advanced AI is now accessible in India. Verify the cost and advantages.

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