how to stop calls on iPhone without blocking

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Are you sick of having your iPhone constantly ring with bothersome calls? We recognize your suffering! These interruptions can be quite annoying, whether they come from bothersome telemarketers or constant robocalls. But do not worry! You can stop these invasive calls without using blocking methods by following the suggestions and strategies we will give in this blog post. With this comprehensive instruction on how to halt calls on an iPhone without blocking, take your device and get ready to regain control over it!

Are you weary of having nuisance phone calls interrupt you all the time but do not want to block any specific numbers? This blog post is especially for iPhone users who are looking for a way to reclaim control of their smartphone without cutting off all contact. We have gathered some useful tips and tactics on how to block those intrusive interruptions on your iPhone because we know how frustrating it can be to receive telemarketing or unauthorised caller calls without warning. Prepare to restore your tranquillity while being connected as we go forward!

Introduction to the Problem

On your iPhone, you most likely receive a lot of obnoxious calls if you are like the majority of people. These calls can be bothersome and even disturbing, whether they come from telemarketers, con artists, or just people you do not want to talk to.

Fortunately, you do not have to block the caller in order to stop these calls. There are a few options available to you.

This post will demonstrate how to use Do Not Disturb mode, Silence Unknown Callers, and blocking particular numbers to prevent telemarketers from calling your iPhone.

How to Use Do Not Disturb Mode

Do Not Disturb mode is the ideal approach if you want to silence calls on your iPhone without blocking anyone. To give you some peace and quiet, this feature mutes all incoming calls, texts, and other notifications. How to use Do Not Disturb mode is as follows:

Open the Settings app and select “Do Not Disturb” to activate Do Not Disturb mode. After that, flip the toggle switch to “Manual.” Additionally, you may set up Do Not Disturb mode to activate and deactivate automatically at predetermined periods.

When Do Not Disturb mode is activated, your iPhone’s status bar will display a moon icon. Simply repeat the procedures above to turn off Do Not Disturb mode.

How to Set Up Call Filters

If you are interested in learning how to configure call filtering on your iPhone: 

Choose Phone under Settings.

Call Blocking & Identification should be chosen.

Choose the apps you want to use for call blocking from the list under Allow These Apps To Block Calls And Provide Identification. Hiya will be used in this illustration.

To block a contact, tap.

Tap Block Contact after choosing the person you wish to block.

Suppose you want advice on how to configure call filtering on an iPhone: 

There are various methods for configuring call filters on your iPhone. Utilising the Do Not Disturb function is one option. Under Do Not Disturb in the Settings app, you can find this. You can set a timetable for when Do Not Disturb will be activated and choose which contacts’ calls can still be received when Do Not Disturb is active. 

Utilising a third-party app is another option to configure call filters. You may restrict calls from specific numbers or contact groups using a number of accessible apps. Other capabilities, such the capability to send automated SMS or voicemail replies, are also available in some of these apps. 

Additionally, you can set up call forwarding to direct calls from phone numbers you want to ban to voicemail. To do this, open the Phone app and tap the menu symbol (three horizontal lines) in the top left corner. Next, tap Call Forwarding, and then adhere to the instructions.

How to Silence Unknown or Spam Calls

There are a few things you may take to stop incoming calls from unknown or spam callers. On your iPhone, turn on Do Not Disturb mode first. All incoming calls from numbers not on your contacts list will be blocked as a result. In the Phone app, you may also add particular phone numbers to your prohibited list. Open the app, then select the “Recents” option to do this. Tap the “i” next to the phone number you wish to block after finding it. Click “Block this Caller” after scrolling down. You can inform 

your carrier about obnoxious calls. It could be possible for them to take action to block the calls from going through.

There are a few things you can do to ban unknown or spam callers but quiet them. 

First, Silence Unknown Callers is a feature available on iPhones running iOS 13 or later. All calls from numbers that are not in your contacts are muted by this feature. Go to Settings > Phone, scroll down to Silence Unknown Callers, and toggle it on. 

Use a third-party software like Hiya or Truecaller if you do not have iOS 13 or if you want more control over which calls get silent. These apps allow you to ban or send calls directly to voicemail and use crowdsourced data to identify and categorize spam callers. 

Utilise the blocking options offered by your carrier if you want to. Verizon, for instance, has a feature called Caller ID Name that displays the caller’s name even if they are not in your contacts. By hitting the “i” button next to the number and then selecting Block this Caller at the bottom of the screen, you may also block numbers directly from your call history.

Other Solutions to Stop Calls on iPhone without Blocking

There are a few alternative methods you can try to stop telemarketers from calling you if you do not wish to block a number on your iPhone. 

-You may navigate to the Phone tab in your Settings app by scrolling down. You can flip it off by choosing “Show My Caller ID” from this point. Your phone number will become private as a result, which should discourage telemarketers from calling. 

-A different choice is to alter your voicemail greeting to deter callers from leaving a message. Say something like, “This number is no longer in service,” as an illustration. 

-A call blocker app is available for download from the App Store. Before selecting one of the numerous available apps, make sure to read reviews.


We have covered some of the finest methods for stopping calls on your iPhone without blocking in this article. We have talked about using the Do Not Disturb mode, making a contact list of all obnoxious callers, and blocking them, as well as using third-party apps like Hiya or Truecaller to automatically block any incoming calls from obnoxious numbers. Each of these techniques may be a useful strategy to lessen the number of invasive calls you get on your iPhone and prevent interruptions.


On my iPhone, how can I end calls without blocking?

There are a few methods you may use to stop telemarketers from calling you on your iPhone without blocking them. You can either add particular phone numbers to your prohibited list or utilise Do Not Disturb mode to stop all incoming calls. You can also inform your carrier about bothersome callers.

Do Not Disturb mode: How do I utilise it?

In order to prevent interruptions, Do Not Disturb mode mutes all incoming calls and notifications. Go to Settings > Do Not Disturb to enable Do Not Disturb. Do Not Disturb Mode can be set to activate on a schedule or manually when necessary. 

On my iPhone, how can I block a number?

When you block a number on your iPhone, you are shielded from calls and texts from that person. Go to Settings > Phone > Blocked Contacts to block a number. Input the contact or phone number you want to block by tapping the Add button.

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