A Guide to Understanding the iPhone SE Release Schedule

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Here you will find all the information you need to understand the complexities of the iPhone SE release timetable. Keeping up with the release schedules of Apple’s products is essential for fans, customers, and professionals in today’s fast-paced digital world. With every new version, the iPhone SE maintains its reputation as a popular choice because of its affordable price, small size, and impressive performance.

Whether you’re an old hand at keeping tabs on smartphone releases or just starting, this guide should help you make sense of the trends, patterns, and expectations around the iPhone SE release date. Come explore the past, make educated guesses about what’s to come, and be ready to seize the day as we teach you everything about the iPhone SE.

The iPhone SE 4 release date is a mystery.

how often iphone se released

Does the iPhone SE 4 even exist? That is perhaps the most pressing concern about it. Over the last several years, Kuo’s forecasts have been all over the place. According to MacRumors’ 2019 report, the analyst said that Apple was developing a full-screen iPhone SE in the same vein as the iPhone XR. Two subsequent iterations of the iPhone SE have maintained the design language of the original iPhone 8, prompting many to wonder whether Kuo’s model has been shelved or delayed.

Similarly, Kuo has given conflicting forecasts for the iPhone SE 4 in 2023. Initially reporting in January that production of an iPhone SE had been shelved for 2024, he then followed up in February to announce that development had resumed. In April, he revised his earlier forecast to suggest that the model he had mentioned may just be a technical model of Apple’s 5G baseband chip developed internally. This 5G processor was also hinted at in his earlier remarks about the iPhone SE 4. 

Apple is supposedly working on a new iPhone SE with significant improvements, according to MacRumors. However, a more recent claim from MacRumors suggests that the debut could be delayed until 2025.

Unlike Apple’s previous flagship iPhones, the iPhone SE hasn’t had a regular release schedule. The first iPhone SE was released by Apple in March 2016, and the successor will be available in April 2020. March 2022 saw the release of the third-generation iPhone SE. Launching in 2024 would be in line with Apple’s prior timeline, but with a four-year gap between the first two models, it’s impossible to say for sure. 

How much will the iPhone SE 4 cost?

How much will the iPhone SE 4 cost?

The worldwide cost of components and delivery has likely contributed to the gradual but noticeable rise in pricing over the last three generations. Despite being sold at around the same price as its predecessor, Apple significantly raised the price of the iPhone SE (3rd generation), making it less appealing than earlier versions. This is particularly true when considering the standard model’s limited storage capacity. Presented in this order:

iPhone SE (3rd generation, 2022):

  • 64GB: $429/£449
  • 128GB: $479/£499
  • 256GB: $579/£609

iPhone SE (2nd generation, 2020): 

  • 64GB: $399/£419
  • 128GB: $449/£469
  • 256GB: $549/£569

iPhone SE (1st generation, 2016): 

  • It costs $399 or £379 for 32 GB.
  • 128 GB: $499.

Having said that, the iPhone SE must remain affordable; with the next generation, despite several reported changes, we would be pleasantly surprised to see a significant increase. 

iPhone SE 4 camera

After repeated attempts, the iPhone SE’s camera module has always failed to impress. Because of its “budget” price tag, a noticeably subpar camera is often one of the main drawbacks. There is still no official word on the iPhone SE 4’s camera specs, although speculation has it that, like previous iPhone SE models, it will include a single rear-facing camera. 

New rumours have surfaced suggesting that the iPhone SE 4 might have a single 48MP back camera, which would be a significant improvement over the 12MP rear camera of the previous generation. However, you shouldn’t hold your breath for this. But if the speculation is correct and the next iPhone SE 4 has a 48MP camera, like the one in the iPhone 15, it may make the Pixel 7a’s “best mid-range camera” boast seem weak.

iPhone SE 4 features and software

The Home button may finally make an appearance on the iPhone SE 4. This suggests Apple may have to rethink its approach to biometric identification for its next affordable smartphone. Apple may include Face ID in the iPhone SE 4 with the “notch,” according to recent speculations. Not only that but the ring/silent switch on the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max might be replaced with an action button, according to rumours. 

Additionally, the iPhone SE 4’s chipset remains an open subject. An A15 CPU powers the latest iPhone SE (2022). Upgrading the SE’s raw performance will require Apple to invest in the very expensive A16 or an even more recent system on a chip. A lot may happen before the SE 4’s release. Finally, an upcoming version of iOS—the most recent being iOS 17—will be available on the iPhone SE. 

What will the new iPhone SE look like?

Considering the iPhone SE’s history as one of Apple’s tiniest handsets, it would be reasonable to assume that the iPhone 13 microformat, which is now on sale, would eventually replace the iPhone 6 chassis on the SE. However, Apple has several options for the SE line’s future.

“The iPhone SE 4… is just the iPhone XR,” tech expert Jon Prosser remarked in an August 2022 edition of the Geared Up podcast, referring to the phone’s “all-screen” design and 6.1-inch screen.

A 5.7-inch display would be a new size for an iPhone, according to a report by Ross Young in late October 2022. In comparison to the X and XS, the 13 Mini has a smaller screen at 5.4 inches. According to Young, Apple is also debating between using an organic light-emitting diode (OLED) or a liquid crystal display (LCD) for the screen.

Using a design and set of specifications comparable to the iPhone 14, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said in February 2023 that Apple is proceeding with a 6.1-inch OLED screen for the iPhone SE 4.


The iPhone SE release schedule is a mystery, with predictions ranging from a full-screen design to a 5G baseband chip. The iPhone SE has a four-year gap between its first- and second-generation models, with the latest model arriving in March 2022. The cost of the iPhone SE 4 is expected to be around $429 or £449, with rumours suggesting a 48MP rear camera. The camera module has never been a strong suit for the iPhone SE, and the upcoming iPhone SE 4 could see the end of the Home button, Face ID, and an Action button.

The chipset for the iPhone SE 4 is also a big question mark, with the current A15 processor being rumoured to be the A16 or a newer SoC. The new iPhone SE may have a 6.1-inch OLED display with an overall design and features similar to the iPhone 14.


How often does Apple release the iPhone SE?

The iPhone SE 3, released in 2022, is said to have been superseded by this new phone. We anticipate the new SE4 handset’s release in the first half of 2024. Rumour has it that it will have specs comparable to the iPhone 14.

How old is the iPhone SE now?

The first-generation iPhone SE was introduced in 2016. Next-generation iPhone SE, which debuted in 2020. The third-generation iPhone SE, which was unveiled in 2022,.

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