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Google Pixel 9 news:Even though Google’s anticipated 2024 flagship phone launch is still a ways off, we already have enough information to construct a broad concept of the Pixel 9 and any potential updates. With the Pixel 8, which debuted last year, Google furthered its expertise in artificial intelligence by adding new software capabilities and improving some of its most essential hardware elements, such as the processor, display, and camera system.

On the other hand, the Pixel 9 is rumored to have undergone more design modifications. This would be the lineup’s first significant visual makeover since the release of the renowned Pixel 6 series.

Pixel 9 storage

google pixel 9 news:Pixel 9 storage

Google Pixel 9 news:As of now, a normal Pixel with more than 256GB of storage has not been seen. Since the Pixel 6, there have only been two storage options available for Pixel models: 128GB and 256GB.

Storage Predictions: As of right now, we don’t see Google offering a 512GB Pixel 9 option. Rather, it is likely that a 128GB and 256GB variant will be released once more. That isn’t really an issue, though, as most users seem to find this to be sufficient storage. Alternatively, one can always use cloud storage or upgrade to the Pro model, which now comes with 1TB of storage after the release of the Pixel 8 Pro

Pixel 9 Design Changes

google pixel 9 news:Pixel 9 Design Changes
  • Present Situation: Because of leaked renders that appeared in late January 2024, the Pixel 9’s design has actually been one of the most leaked parts of the device thus far. A few renders of the more expensive Pixel 9 Pro were also shown.
  • Following the Trend: It’s been stated that Google adopts a blocky design with rounded corners and flat sides. This is evident from the leaked renders,which suggest that Google’s phones and those made by Samsung and Apple will likely resemble each other more. Naturally, keep in mind that renders are only a broad notion and are not an accurate picture of the actual product.
  • A Redesigned Camera Bar: The camera bar, also known as the visor, is unquestionably what sets Google’s Pixel phones apart. The Pixel has become ingrained in people’s memories because of this one design decision. The camera bar will undergo some changes, if the renders of the Pixel 9 are any indication. According to the pictures, it has moved away from the phone’s frame, with which it had been flawlessly integrated up until now, and is now more of an island than a bar. The new style is more related to the Pixel Fold.
  • What This Means for You: Because of its new flat-frame design, Pixel will feel different to grasp. Without a doubt, Google will take action to make the edges of the phone more comfortable to hold and less likely to cut into your hand. The good news is that Google appears to have stuck with the famous Pixel design for the Pixel 9, despite the fact that it somewhat resembles the competition.

google pixel 9 display

google pixel 9 news:google pixel 9  display
  • Larger Screen: According to reliable tipster Ross Young, who is knowledgeable in display technology and has insider information, Google plans to expand the Pixel 9’s size. Young, regrettably, hasn’t said how much the display size would rise.
  • Why This Is Important To You: People prefer larger displays than smaller ones, which is why tiny phones are becoming less common. Thus, it’s a good thing that the Pixel 9 has a larger display. Google might fit in a little extra screen real estate by making the Pixel 8’s display larger than its current 6.2 inches (6.5 inches is more unlikely to happen). Any content you appreciate is more immersive when viewed on a larger screen.
  • Familiar Design: We don’t anticipate any more design changes with the display, except for the size increase. Nothing wacky, like two selfie cameras or anything, but the renders display the identical camera punch-hole cutout. 

Google Pixel 9: Software

google pixel 9 news:Anticipate the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro to be the first two phones to ship with Android 15 out of the box, much the way the Pixel 8 series brought in the era of Android 14. Developer previews typically begin in February, so it’s too soon to tell what to anticipate from the upcoming major update to our beloved mobile operating system, but there should be plenty of hints throughout 2024 leading up to the Pixel 9 launch event. Anticipate that Google will save the finest features for its devices alone.

With its efforts already stepping up on the Pixel 8 Pro, artificial intelligence is one area in which we truly expect to see Google working hard to prove its mettle in 2024. By including Pixie, a new Gemini-powered sidekick, the Pixel 9 series may surpass its rivals even more. According to preliminary sources, Pixie is intended to take over for Assistant, operating on Gemini Nano on-device and working offline.

Similar to the Pixel 8, it appears that the Pixel 9 series will be supported through 2031 with seven years of OS updates. That might offer some of the most affordable cell phones. If you can’t wait a year, the current generation of Google smartphones is guaranteed to last almost as long. 

Google Pixel 9: Cameras

google pixel 9 news:The largest change this year would be the inclusion of a telephoto lens in the smaller Pixel 9, which would finally bring the two models’ specs exactly in line. We’ll have to wait for additional rumors to find out if Google decides to follow Apple’s example and use the smaller, less expensive flagship phone’s less potent telephoto lens to further set these two phones apart.  While the Pixel 9 family may have some new hardware, Google’s software is really what sets this series apart.

Expect Google to put more of an emphasis on software trickery and AI-powered processing than on pure hardware when creating some of the greatest photography phones out there. Google made some minor adjustments to improve the lineup of sensors in the Pixel 8 series. The business has declined to comment on the features of its most recent hardware, yet the majority of rumors indicate that the most recent primary camera is an ISOCELL GNV from Samsung. 

Pixel 9 battery

  • Anticipation: Neither the size of the Pixel 9’s battery nor its lifespan should expect any notable modifications. The battery capacity must stay between 4,500 and 4,700 milliampere-hours. 

Expected Battery Size

Battery capacity/phoneBattery size
Pixel 74,355 mAh
Pixel 84,575 mAh
Pixel 94,575 mAh*
  • What That Means for You: The Pixel 8 has excellent battery life out of the box. During our study of the phone, we never felt that it might die on us, so the fact that there are no anticipated changes here doesn’t always mean “bad news.”. 

Charging Speed Evolution

  • Likely Improvements: While there is currently no information regarding wired or wireless charging speed enhancements, there are strong hints that the Pixel 9 will support the recently introduced Qi2 wireless charging standard. 

google pixel 9 news: Price and release date

We anticipate that the Google Pixel 9 news will maintain these pricing ranges for at least one more generation, as we saw with the Pixel 6 and Pixel 7, following the $100 price increases for the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro. Everything is  possible, and the likelihood of rising costs annually is increased by global inflation. The $700 and $1,000 pricing tags for the Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro, respectively, seem like reasonable estimates in the absence of any proof to the contrary.

Predicting the release date is simpler. In preparation for the release of new Pixel hardware, Google closed down its headquarters during the first week of October. That is not something we anticipate changing very soon. Made by Google 2024 is expected to launch in early October and hit store shelves one week after the formal announcement. The Pixel 8a is expected to release early in the year if you can’t wait that long for new hardware or if you want something more reasonably priced.

Pixel 9 features and software

  • Extended Software Support: Android 15 will come preinstalled on the Pixel 9. Given that Google now provides seven years of software upgrades, Android 21 will be the final Android update the Pixel 9 receives. Though not much is known about the future of Android 15 at this time, we will learn everything there is to know when the update is formally unveiled in May 2024 at Google’s annual I/O conference.
  • An enhanced, Pixel-only intelligent aide: The Google Helper is widely regarded as the greatest virtual AI helper available for phones, but that doesn’t mean Google won’t continue to build on its advantages. According to reports, the google pixel 9 news will launch with a brand-new “Pixie” AI-powered smart assistant. Pixie, unlike  Google Assistant, would only work with Pixel devices and be powered by Gemini, Google’s take on ChatGPT. It appears like Pixie will be the next development of Assistant with Bard. 


Google Pixel 9 news is expected to exceed the capabilities of a smartphone. Whether it’s through its cutting-edge camera capabilities, revolutionary display technology, or advanced processor design, the Pixel 9 is poised to deliver an unparalleled user experience that sets a new standard for excellence. As we eagerly await its official release, the excitement and anticipation continue to grow, fueling our anticipation for the future of Google Pixel devices. Get ready to embark on a journey into the future as we unveil the latest Google Pixel 9 news and witness the next chapter in smartphone innovation.


Is there going to be a Google Pixel 9?

The Pixel 9 and Pixel 9 Pro are anticipated to be released after Apple’s new iPhone and the next Galaxy foldable. Typically, it’s the final significant phone release before the Christmas shopping season.

What are the expectations for Pixel 9?

There are also rumors that the camera unit has a periscope telephoto lens, which would significantly enhance its optical capabilities and perhaps enable variable aperture.The camera improvements are of interest to photography enthusiasts and hint at a more powerful camera performance.

How much will the Pixel 9 cost?

Present Expectations: In 2023, Google plans to raise the price of its flagship devices by $100, meaning that the base Pixel will now cost $700. That being said, we don’t anticipate any price increase for at least another year, so it’s safe to assume that the starting price of $700 for the Pixel 9 won’t change.

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