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Google Pixel 9 leaks: While the Google Pixel 8 may have just recently arrived, leading phone makers are always planning the release of new flagship models. For Google, it’s the Pixel 9, and the present Pixel will be replaced by the new model soon enough with all the best new features.

The Pixel 9 is still in its early stages of development, so there will be a long wait before we get our hands on the next Google flagship. Just so you know, we haven’t heard anything about the midrange Pixel 8a, so it’s safe to assume that it will come well before the Pixel 9 launch. However, you should not waste any time keeping yourself updated on any Pixel 9 rumors or news that may emerge.

Google Pixel 9 Leaks Release Date 

Although the hype around the Google Pixel 9 is still in its infancy, the company’s generally reliable release history allows us to make a reasonable estimate as to when the flagship phone will be available.

October has been the month of announcement for all but one Pixel model since its 2016 debut. The Pixel 5, the lone exception, was unveiled on September 30 and shipped at the tail end of October 2020. That being said, speculating that the Pixel 9 will make its debut in October 2024 is hardly taking a wild bet.

Google Pixel 9 Camera leaks

The Pixel 6 Pro variants have been the only ones to come with telephoto cameras. Google would be making a huge splash if it added that functionality to the regular Pixel 9. Having said that, optical zoom capabilities might be included in a less expensive flagship. There are a few phones that are somewhat more costly than the Pixel 8, but both the OnePlus 12 and the Galaxy S24 include telephoto lenses in their rear camera array.

The Pixel 9 camera specifications that have been circulating have not yet been confirmed. At now, the Pixel 8’s primary camera configuration consists of a 50MP sensor and a 12MP ultrawide lens. In the Pixel 8 Pro, the main camera employs the same 50MP sensor, while the ultrawide and telephoto lenses use 48MP sensors. If the Pixel 9 were to have a telephoto lens, the Pro version would most likely contain higher-resolution sensors to set it apart from the regular model. However, Google’s final decision on its phones will determine all of that.

Google Pixel 9 Design & Display leaks

Both the Pixel 8 and the Pixel 8 Pro come with large screens, with the former boasting 6.2 inches and the latter 6.7 inches. One reliable source has speculated that the Pixel 9 panels would be larger than before.

Screen size increases or new Pixel 9 models were predicted by Ross Young of Display Supply Chain Consultants shortly after the Pixel 8 introduction last autumn. Considering that previous Pixel models have bigger screens than the Pixel 8, it wouldn’t be completely out of line with Google’s previous actions to increase the size of that specific model.

Nonetheless, a contrasting image emerges from the leaked Pixel 9 Pro and Pixel 9 renderings. A 6.5-inch screen is the starting point for the Pixel 9 Pro, according to renderings created by @OnLeaks and shared at MySmartPrice. Some have speculated that a new Pro model with a smaller screen would be joining the range, and this may be it. Alternatively, Google could be serious about going with a smaller display. Whatever the case may be, it seems to disprove rumors that the Pro model coming out this autumn would have a bigger screen.

Google Pixel 9 Software & Performance  leaks

If Google continues with the present naming standards, it’s safe to assume that the Pixel 9 series will be powered by a new Tensor chipset, the Tensor G4. The Exynos silicon is the foundation of Google’s processors, but rumor has it that the company will create its chipset, the Tensor G5, in-house. The Pixel 10 won’t be out until 2025, however.

Since the release of the Galaxy S24 Ultra and the OnePlus 12, which use Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 technology, the performance gap between current Tensor processors and other top Android handsets has further grown. While lightning-fast performance isn’t Tensor’s raison d’être, we’re crossing our fingers that the Tensor G4 offers significant speed enhancements, especially for graphics rendering.

Android 15 will almost certainly power the Pixel 9 when it debuts. The Pixel 9 variants will probably be the ones to have the Android 15 upgrade loaded on them first. Assuming Google maintains its customary Android development timeline, a developer copy of Android 15 might be available as early as next month. In the spring, before Google’s I/O conference, a public beta version would most likely be released, and the final version would be released right before the Pixel 9 launch.

Google Pixel 9 Price

The price is something we are not as sure about. Prices for the Pixel 8 start at $699, while the Pixel 8 Pro starts at $999. Both of those costs are $100 more than what they were a year ago. Aside from Google, many other phone manufacturers have also recently raised prices; for example, Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max and Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra both saw price hikes of $100. Even if Google can’t reverse the price hikes for the Pixel 8, we can only hope that the pricing for the Pixel 9 launch remains unchanged. 

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Rumors and leaks about the next Google Pixel 9 smartphone are covered in the article. Possible features mentioned include a telephoto camera, bigger screens, a new Tensor chipset, and the possibility of running Android 15. The exact release date and price are unknown at this time, however October 2024 is a popular guess. There will likely be major improvements over the Pixel 8 with the release of the Pixel 9.


Is there going to be a Pixel 9?

Even if the release of the Pixel 9 is still months (if not seasons away, we are dealing with Google here. We can see the design of Google’s next flagship smartphone, the Pixel 9 Pro, according to early renderings that have made their way online.

What are the expectations of Pixel 9?

Rumor has it that the camera unit could contain a periscope telephoto lens, which would greatly improve the optical properties and perhaps even allow for variable aperture. Photography enthusiasts will be piqued by the hints of a more powerful camera performance given the camera enhancements.

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