Foldable Face-Off: Galaxy Z Flip 5 vs. Z Flip 4: Should You Upgrade?

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Although the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 may initially resemble the Galaxy Z Flip 4 model, it is actually a more significant improvement to Samsung’s “clamshell” foldable phone lineup than just an annual upgrade. 

galaxy z flip 5 vs galaxy z flip 4 The Z Flip 5 has a bigger cover display than the Z Flip 4, in addition to standard upgrades like a new processor. Even though it won’t much lessen how frequently you have to unfold the phone to employ it, the fact that it may hold additional information makes it far more helpful.

Samsung also improved the Z Flip 5’s hinge design, which allows it to fold entirely flat and minimizes the possibility of pocket trash scratching the primary display. This makes the Z Flip 5 more streamlined than the Z Flip 4, with its noticeable gap. Additionally, while having supposedly the same camera technology, the Z Flip 5 produces noticeably better pictures. Although the Z Flip 5 has made gains, we are still in need of substantial upgrades to its battery life, which is still much too short when compared to a conventional flat phone.

galaxy z flip 5 vs galaxy z flip 4 : Design

galaxy z flip 5 vs galaxy z flip 4:galaxy z flip 5 vs galaxy z flip 4 : Design

At first glance, the galaxy z flip 5 vs galaxy z flip 4 appear to be identical, but Samsung has made one significant design change to the Z Flip 5: a new “Flex Hinge” that enables the phone to fold into two halves. Because of this, when folded, the Z Flip 5 looks neater than the Z Flip 4, which has a little gap at the hinge. 

From a functional standpoint, the flatter fold of the Z Flip 5 significantly lessens the possibility of dust and debris getting into the gap left by the Z Flip 4 and scratching or ruining the primary display. Although neither phone can withstand dust, they are both IPX8 water-resistant.

Samsung showed eight additional colors for the glass back, four of which have a frosted texture and the other four have a clear glass texture. These colors are in addition to the flat-folding hinge. There were just four color options for the Z Flip 4, and they were all textured like frosted glass.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 vs. Z Flip 5: Displays

galaxy z flip 5 vs galaxy z flip 4:Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 vs. Z Flip 5: Displays

The galaxy z flip 5 vs galaxy z flip 4 have essentially identical main unfolded displays, meaning they both offer the stunning contrast, color saturation, and brightness that are characteristic of Samsung screens. Also, they both operate at a smooth and silky 120 Hz.

The primary distinction is the Z Flip 5’s display’s increased brightness, which makes it simpler to see content in bright sunlight.  

On the Z Flip 5, the screen fold crease is equally obvious as it was on the Z Flip 4, but it’s not a deal-breaker by any means because you eventually forget it’s there.

The Z Flip 5 boasts a more capacious and practical “Flex Window,” a 3.4-inch cover display that renders the Z Flip 4’s 1.9-inch cover display outdated.

Much more information is displayed in much easier-to-read and handle widgets, including calendars, clocks, music controls, weather, and notifications, on the Z Flip 5’s larger cover display. Even the full-size keyboard on the camera allows you to reply to emails, and the viewfinder and other functions are much easier to see and use. Although compatibility for some third-party apps, like YouTube and Netflix, is still limited, you may still enable them to operate on the Z Flip 5’s cover display.

Consequently, this implies that you can promptly respond to a text message or obtain additional information from these fundamental widgets without requiring unfolding the Z Flip 5. The Z Flip 4’s smaller cover display, on the other hand, required you to unfold the phone more frequently and wasn’t really helpful.

Galaxy Z flip 5 vs. Galaxy Z flip 4 : Cameras

galaxy z flip 5 vs galaxy z flip 4:Galaxy Z flip 5 vs. Galaxy Z flip 4 : Cameras

Everyone enjoys bragging about how much better their new phones’ cameras are, and Samsung is no exception. Looking at the camera specifications of both phones, you may be scratching your head because they share the same identical dual camera setup with a 12-megapixel primary camera and a 12-megapixel ultrawide camera.

With the Z Flip 5, according to Samsung, there has been an improvement since it uses AI-powered image signal processing (ISP) technology that improves the quality and sharpness of photos, particularly those taken in low light. When you read about the identical photograph we took in extremely low light, you should be aware that it is unquestionably genuine.

They both provide the same set of tools and are identical when it comes to their respective camera programs. In spite of this, the Z Flip 5 is the superior camera phone due to its larger outside screen. This is because we can see a larger portion of the image instead of it being cropped because of the Z Flip 4’s smaller cover screen.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4: Price, specs, and availability.

Currently, the Z Flip 5 can be purchased for $999 from nearly all retailers. This covers all of the main U.S. carriers, including AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, as well as Amazon and Best Buy. The Z Flip 5 is available on only in the following four colors: mint, graphite, cream, and lavender. However, it is also available in gray, blue, green, and yellow. The phone has 256GB or 512GB of storage and 8GB of RAM out of the box.

Strangely, despite Samsung no longer officially selling the Z Flip 4, several retailers continue to list the phone for the same $999 retail price.

Obviously, no one should be paying $999 for a Z Flip 4 at this time. However, if you hunt around, you may find refurbished or used Z Flip 4s for less than $500.

The Flip 4 is available in Bespoke Edition hues including Yellow, White, Navy, Khaki, and Red, or Bora Purple, Graphite, Pink Gold, and Blue. The base storage variant only has 128GB of storage, even though the RAM is likewise 8GB.

Software and performance

The Galaxy Z flip 5 vs Galaxy Z flip 4 should have the same software when they are unfurled. Android 13 is topped with a single UI. Comparing Samsung’s One UI on its Flip phones to that on its Galaxy S and Fold phones, the former has a few more features.

For instance, the fast app switching taskbar found on Fold 5 is absent, as is DeX. Rather, the software is essentially a simplified, adaptable form of Android; the sole striking feature is Samsung’s insistence on having a horizontally scrolling app tray. Otherwise, One UI doesn’t deviate too much from what is regarded as the standard, so if you’ve used any other Android phone, you’ll feel right at home here.

Naturally, at that point, the phones are unfurled and functioning like any other smartphone. The Z Flip 5 is just so much more competent when the phone is closed. The benefit of having a bigger outdoor screen extends beyond simple enhancements like bigger video viewing. Rather, it modifies your phone usage entirely.

I think the Z Flip 4 is a phone that has to be fully developed before it can do anything substantial. Only the weather and time may be found when it is closed, along with a few notifications. You have to open it up for any other task, which gets old fast for someone like me who uses the phone a lot—I unfold my phone about 150 times a day.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 vs. Z Flip 4: Which one is right for you?

Most folks should choose the Galaxy Z Flip 5 over other foldable phones unless they absolutely, truly need to save a few hundred dollars. Even so, neither Samsung nor merchants like Best Buy are now offering an official discount on the Z Flip 4, which is still listed at $999. If you choose the refurbished or used option, the only noteworthy savings that I can think of is that you can get a Z Flip 4 for less than $500.

Yet the newer phone is the better option given the abundance of trade-ins and other offers for the Z Flip 5. That phone is simply more useful, and the bigger screen is mostly to blame for that. In fact, it’s a game-changing adjustment that finally helped me enjoy the Flip series. Because I detested having to unfold my Samsung Flip series devices 150 times a day, I was never a fan of the brand in the past. That being said, I would genuinely use the Z Flip 5.


The galaxy z flip 5 vs Galaxy Z flip 4 have essentially identical main unfolded displays, offering stunning contrast, color saturation, and brightness. However, the Z Flip 5’s display has increased brightness, making it easier to see content in bright sunlight.

The Z Flip 5 also features a more capacious “Flex Window” with a 3.4-inch cover display, making it easier to read and handle widgets. The full-size keyboard on the camera allows for quick responses to emails and other functions. However, compatibility for third-party apps like YouTube and Netflix is limited, but the Z Flip 4’s smaller cover display is still useful.


What is the difference between Z Flip 4 and 5?

The Galaxy Z Flip5 and Galaxy Z Flip4 are two great foldable phones with distinctive and fashionable design elements. However, the Galaxy Z Flip5 offers the highest performance and features imaginable from a small folding phone thanks to an expanded cover screen, improved camera software, and an upgraded processor.

Is the flip 5 slimmer than the Flip 4?

Comparing the Flip 4 and 5, the Flip 5 (bottom) is somewhat thinner. Nevertheless, the Z Flip 5 does benefit from having some parts updated, such the previously mentioned newer Snapdragon chip and UFS 4.0 storage rather than UFS 3.1 storage. Additionally, the standard storage increases to 256GB from 128GB.

Which Z flip is best?

The Razr Plus is a phone to take into consideration if you want a slimmer design and want to use more apps on the phone’s front screen without much extra hassle, even if I think the Galaxy Z Flip 5 is the greatest flip phone overall.

What distinguishes the many Galaxy Z Flip versions from one another?

Enhancements in performance and functionality, such as a larger cover screen, a new CPU, and the ability to customize the external cover display, are provided by the Galaxy Z Flip5. A detailed comparison of the differences in specifications between the latest Galaxy Z Flip models and the new Galaxy Z Flip5 can be seen below.

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