Firefox 121 Soars In Release Date Revealed and What to Expect

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This update also adds support for selection by default, makes changing PDFs better, and lets you make website links stand out by underlining them.

People who are interested in technology can’t wait for Firefox 121, the newest version of Mozilla’s very famous web browser, to come out. Customers are very excited about the release date that is coming up soon. They can’t wait to see what this new version will bring. Building on the success of its predecessor, Firefox 121 offers a lot of new features that will make surfing better for millions of people around the world. 

Improvements to speed mean that pages will run faster for users, making it easier to navigate even the busiest websites. Better privacy measures have also been put in place because people are becoming more worried about internet safety and data protection. Thanks to better tracking protection and stronger security methods, users can feel safe knowing that no one can see their personal information while they browse the web. 

Firefox 121 also has a lot of choices that can be changed to fit the needs of the user. From custom backgrounds to plugins, users can create a viewing experience that is uniquely their own like never before. A simpler user interface has also been made to make it easier to understand and use. This makes it simple to switch between tabs and manage notes. When Firefox 121 comes out, it will change the way people surf the web forever with its cutting-edge features that meet all of our current needs and set new standards for browser technology progress.

Version 121.0, first offered to Release Channel users

Version 121.0, first offered to Release Channel users

Firefox will now prompt Windows users to install the Microsoft AV1 Video Extension if they haven’t already, so that hardware can decode the AV1 video codec. Voice Control commands can now be used with Firefox on macOS. If the Wayland composer is present on Linux, Firefox will now use it instead of XWayland by default. This makes motions work with touchpads and touchscreens, lets you set the DPI for each monitor, improves graphics speed, and more.

Keep in mind that picture-in-picture windows can’t work without extra user action (usually right-clicking on the window) or a change to the system or desktop environment. For more information and to keep track of this bug, see bug 1621261, this post for a KDE setup, and this extension for GNOME. Also, it is a known problem that windows are not put in the right place when resuming a previous session at the start. Now Firefox users can make links always stand out. In the Firefox Settings menu, go to the Browsing area and turn this setting on.

Unveiling Firefox 121: Release Date and Anticipated Features Revealed

Mozilla released today the final build of Firefox 121, which will be available on December 19, 2023. Now it’s time to take a closer look at the changes and additions. The big news for Linux users in Firefox 121 is that the Wayland composer is now turned on by default instead of XWayland. In addition to making the images run faster, this adds support for actions on the mouse and tablet, swipe-to-navigate, per-monitor DPI settings, and more.

To make picture-in-picture windows work, Mozilla says that users will have to do something extra, like right-click on the window, because of limitations in the Wayland protocol. You can get around this in GNOME by adding the PiP to the top extension, and in KDE Plasma by making this change. Firefox 121 also adds the ability to underline website links more strongly, which could help people who have trouble seeing colors. It also adds a new moving button that makes it easier to delete drawings, text, and images that have been added to PDF files.

Web developers will be happy to know that Mozilla Firefox 121 now supports the has() selector by default. This lets you match elements that have at least one element matching its relative selector. It also supports lazy loading for iframes and text-wrap: balance to make short blocks of text look better. It also adds support for “tail call elimination” in the WebAssembly language to make it easier to use functional languages. The CSS text-indent property now works with hung and each-line keywords like before and after. Also, the Firefox Debugger now has a way to turn off the debugger term on the current page.

In Firefox 121, I also saw that the Mozilla VPN is listed under Settings > More from Mozilla. This makes it easier to use Mozilla’s VPN (Virtual Private Network) service. Firefox versions before that, like 120, only showed Firefox Mobile and Firefox Relay as choices. As we already said, Mozilla will officially announce the release of Firefox 121 tomorrow, December 19, 2023. Users of macOS and Windows will be able to get it as an over-the-air (OTA) update. For Linux users, that’s not true, so you can get the files from Mozilla’s download site right now.


Firefox 121, the latest version of Mozilla’s popular web browser, is set to release on December 19, 2023. The release date is expected to bring numerous innovative features, including faster page loading times, improved privacy measures, and a sleeker user interface. Firefox 121 now prompts Windows users to install the Microsoft AV1 Video Extension to enable hardware decoding support for the AV1 video codec. It also supports Voice Control commands on macOS systems and defaults to the Wayland composer when available on Linux, bringing support for touchpad and touchscreen gestures, swipe-to-nav, per-monitor DPI settings, and better graphics performance.

For web developers, Firefox 121 introduces support for the has() selector by default, improved PDF editing, and support for hanging and each-line keywords in the CSS text-indent property. It also adds support for “tail call elimination” in the WebAssembly language and a new option to disable the debugger keyword on the current page. Firefox 121 also shows the Mozilla VPN under Settings > More from Mozilla, allowing users to access Mozilla’s Virtual Private Network service more easily. Mozilla plans to officially announce the Firefox 121 release tomorrow, December 19th, 2023, as an OTA update for macOS and Windows users.


What is the release cycle of Firefox?

All the changes that were made to Mozilla Central are in Firefox Nightly. About every 12 hours, there are regular nightly releases, and extra releases are made when a nightly release has a big problem. We add new code from Mozilla Central to our Mozilla Beta branch every four weeks.

What is the current release of Firefox?

Check out Firefox 120.0.1 to see all of its new features, fixes, and updates.

What is the summary of Firefox?

Created by the Mozilla Foundation and its subsidiary, the Mozilla Corporation, Mozilla Firefox (branded and simply called Firefox) is a free and open-source web browser. 

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