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The AirPods Max was first released in December 2020, and although the firm has three years under its belt, it does not often introduce new AirPods models. Since Apple has only released one version of the AirPods Max headphones thus far, it is hard to project when an update process will occur; yet, a new model may launch in 2024 or 2025.

It’s still a good idea to get AirPods Max depending on your needs, since there haven’t been any clear indications of new models or consistent rumors about what an updated version would have.

Airpods Max Review

The much-expected high-end over-ear headphones, known as the AirPods Max, were unexpectedly released by Apple in December 2020 after at least two years of development.

Airpods Max Review

The first over-ear headphones with the Apple logo that Apple has created are the AirPods Max. While comparable over-ear headphones have been offered under the Beats name, the AirPods Max are now available as an Apple audio accessory alongside the AirPods and AirPods Pro.

The oval-shaped ear cups of the AirPods Max come with a changed U-shaped knit mesh headband and knit mesh ear cushions. The headband’s adjustable arms allow a variety of head sizes, and its design distributes weight evenly and lessens strain on the head.

According to Apple, the “revolutionary mechanism” that attaches the ear cups to the headband balances and distributes pressure, and each ear cushion is made of acoustically developed memory foam that creates a seal for immersive sound.

Apple sells ear cushions individually. Ear cushions are replaceable and magnetically fastened to ear cups. The five colors of AirPods Max—silver, space gray, blue, pink, and green—each has referring ear cups.

Airpods Max Design

Apple created the AirPods Max with a retro-style U-shaped curving “canopy” with extending arms for size adjustment, and oval-shaped brushed metal ear cups attached to it. According to Apple, many mesh ear cups are composed of an acoustic fabric that enhances sound conductivity.

According to Apple, the upward-curving headband’s flexible knit mesh material sandwiched between a stainless steel frame evenly distributes the headphones’ weight around the wearer’s head for increased comfort. There is a soft-touch material covering the frame.

Standard SIM card ejector tools may be used to remove the AirPods Max headband, indicating the possibility of changeable headsets in the future and making headband repairs simple. Headbands are not currently available for purchase from Apple. Additionally, each ear cup may be connected together via the headband thanks to a tiny Lightning-like connector located within.

According to Apple, the “uncompromising fit” and “optimal acoustic seal” that the AirPods Max design offers are possible for a variety of skull shapes. The ear cushions are designed to provide pillow-like softness, with memory foam inside and mesh material that moves freely on the frame to equalize pressure.

Airpods Max Spatial Audio

Users of AirPods Max may now listen to specially created Spatial Audio tracks on Apple Music thanks to the June 2021 addition of Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos by Apple.

With the help of Dolby Atmos, spatial audio can produce an immersive, multiple dimensions sound experience that lets musicians combine music to give the impression that it is coming from all directions.

For an immersive listening experience, spatial audio gently modifies the frequencies that each ear hears and adds directional audio filters to position sounds almost anywhere in space. This function tracks a user’s head movement and the position of their device using sensors in the AirPods Max and iPhone or iPad. It compares the motion data and remaps the sound field to remain anchored to the device even when the user’s head moves.

Airpods Max First Impression

Before the new headphones were officially released, media members shared their hands-on impressions of the AirPods Max, and most of them were good. “Crisp and bright” sound quality with no distortion, even at maximum volume, was praised, and the AirPods Max were said to be “more than good enough to compete with other high-end headphones.”

A number of users concluded that the Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700 and the Sony WH-1000XM4 were inferior to the AirPods Max in terms of noise cancellation.

The majority of reviews mentioned the AirPods Max’s weight, pointing out that they are heavier than most other headphone alternatives. Although the mesh headband is supposed to relieve some of the strain, little heads may find them too big. Despite this, the ear cups had decent ventilation and didn’t feel hot or sweaty.

Airpods Max Digital Crown And Button

The AirPods Max have a Digital Crown for tactile controls, just like the Apple Watch. With both spinning and pushing motions, the Digital Crown can be used to adjust the volume, move through songs, answer phone calls, and bring up Siri.

Active Noise Cancellation may be adjusted by pressing the button adjacent to the Digital Crown, which alternates between Transparency and ANC modes.

Using the Digital Crown to adjust the volume, answering calls, pausing or play music, skipping a track with two taps, going back a track with three taps, and activating Siri with a single push all work together.

Airpods Max Battery Life

Up to 20 hours of music listening, movie watching, or phone calls with both Active Noise Cancellation and spatial audio turned on are possible with the AirPods Max battery. Apple tested with the volume set to fifty percent.

A five-minute charge gives the headphones 1.5 hours of listening time. The headphones are charged via a Lightning cable. The AirPods Max require around two hours to fully charge. Apple uses various power modes instead of a power button on the AirPods Max in order to prolong battery life.

After five minutes, AirPods Max enter “low power mode” if they are taken out of their case without being put inside a smart case. They stay in this state for 72 hours if left alone. In order to further preserve battery, the headphones go into “ultra” low power mode after the full 72 hours, turning off Bluetooth and Find My Location.

The AirPods Max instantly enter low power mode to protect the battery when they are placed within the Smart Case while not in use. The AirPods Max enters an extremely low power mode that disables Bluetooth and Find My Location after eighteen hours of use in the Smart Case. This implies that the AirPods Max enter the same “low power mode” when taken out of the case, thus for those who would rather not use them, the case is not absolutely required to save battery.

Airpods Max H1 Chip Features

The AirPods Max have two H1 chips, which were created by Apple and also found in earlier models of the company’s devices, such as the original AirPods Pro. Each ear cup now has an H1 chip from Apple, and the 10 audio cores offer computational audio capabilities that produce the magic that makes Apple headphones famous.

With Apple’s computational audio, you may enjoy improved Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency mode, hands-free Hey Siri capabilities, fast device pairing and switching, sound customization based on how well the headphones fit your head, and much more.

Airpods Max Sound Quality

High-fidelity audio and active noise cancellation are combined in the AirPods Max to provide what Apple calls an “unparalleled listening experience.”

The AirPods Max uses a specially designed driver that provides sound with extremely little distortion throughout the audible range. Even at maximum levels, Apple offers clear, clean highs, precise mids, and powerful bass.

A dual-neodymium ring magnet motor, similar to those used in expensive floor-standing speakers, powers the driver. The magnet motor in the AirPods Max is made to reduce overall harmonic distortion, which allows for the purest sound quality.


Apple’s AirPods Max, the first over-ear headphones with the Apple logo, were released in December 2020. The headphones feature oval-shaped ear cups with a modified U-shaped knit mesh headband and knit mesh ear cushions, which are adjustable and distribute weight evenly. The ear cushions are made of memory foam and move freely on the frame to create a seal for immersive sound.

The AirPods Max design offers an uncompromising fit and optimal acoustic seal, making it suitable for various skull shapes. Users can now listen to specially created Spatial Audio tracks on Apple Music through the June 2021 edition of Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos. This feature allows musicians to combine music from all directions, creating an immersive listening experience.

The AirPods Max has a Digital Crown for tactile controls, similar to the Apple Watch, which can be used to adjust volume, move through songs, answer phone calls, and bring up Siri. Active Noise Cancellation can be adjusted by pressing the button adjacent to the Digital Crown, which alternates between Transparency and ANC modes.


Is AirPod Max worth it?

While the AirPods Max are now the greatest noise-canceling headphones available, they are not the most comfortable or user-friendly. The “smart” casing isn’t really clever, and missing a headphone port is annoying. You’ll be in love with the AirPods Max if none of it worries you. It’s probably not for you if you’re not sure.

How old is AirPods Max?

Apple produced the wireless Bluetooth over-ear headphones known as AirPods Max, which were first made available on December 15, 2020.

Is AirPods Max or Pro better?

The ‌AirPods Max‌ is without a doubt the greatest option if audio quality is your main concern. Should you vehemently object to the in-ear configuration of the ‌AirPods Pro‌, the ‌AirPods Max‌ could also provide more comfort.

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