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Best widgets for iPhone, Why waste valuable time scrolling through an app’s extensive features to stay up to date when you can quickly track important data from the app’s main screen? 

The greatest iPhone home screen widgets can be used to track the most recent emails without opening your iPhone email app, track your total steps without opening your workout app, keep an eye on your favorite subreddits, or quickly review your most memorable photos. Which, nevertheless, merits your particular taste? Before reaching anything from this, make sure to check out our extensive compilation of the 25 greatest iPhone widgets.

Drafts widgets     

My go-to note-taking software on the iOS software Store is called “Drafts,” and I adore the convenient widgets that accompany it. The ability to take notes fast is my favorite feature of Drafts. The drafts widget allows me to rapidly access all of these functions, including taking written notes, pasting copied content, and recording voice notes.

A premium subscription to Drafts permits you to utilize an additional variety of widgets that are intended to make it easier for you to access your notes. Verify whether or not your note-taking program has a widget, even if you don’t use Drafts.

Widgetsmith widgets

Widgetsmith is one of the most popular iPhone home screen widgets, with a good selection of widgets. You may adjust the widgets to suit your preferences because they are completely configurable. For example, you may programmatically arrange your own widgets to display the weather in the morning, the calendar during the working day, and the really useful activity ring progress (which needs an Apple Watch) in the evening.

Note that you will need to update to the premium edition of this feature-rich iOS home screen widget app in order to enjoy all of the awesome features, such as weather-hosted data and access to Tide.

ScreenKit widgets

ScreenKit isn’t just your average widget app. You should give it a try if you’re looking for an iPhone home screen customizing software that goes full circle. With over 5000 exquisitely crafted icons and over 500 breathtaking themes and widgets, you may customize your iPhone home screen to your heart’s content with this app.

There are several categories in which to find the widgets, such as countdown, clock, battery, date, calendar, and more. You may thus use a range of widgets to decorate the home screen. It also has a useful icon modification option that lets you make unique app icons for your iOS device.

Weather widgets

The weather widget, which provides me with the current weather information at a glance, is another really helpful widget that I always love to have. Yes, you may stop scouring the weather app for the most important weather data, such as the temperature and air quality index. Additionally, the weather widget is the most effective way to obtain weather information if you possess an iPad and aren’t utilizing any third-party iPad weather usage.

However, third-party iPhone weather applications like Carrot Weather ($4.99) and Hey Weather (free) are more user-friendly, even if the built-in weather widget can more than handle the job. Additionally, they provide a great deal of customization options, allowing you to select which information to display.

Spark Mail widgets

Spark Mail is the finest in the market when it comes to properly managing an overflowing inbox of emails. The excellent email client from Readdle helps you prioritize the things that are important to you by removing unnecessary clutter from your inbox. You can track emails and link all of your accounts from one location with Spark. 

If you enjoy using this well-known email client, you should definitely try out its useful widget. Notably, you may select your favorite design from the widget’s several designs and track emails directly from your iPhone’s home screen.

Fitness best widgets 

This one is ideal for individuals who prioritize their health and fitness, such as people who love exercise. If you fall into this category, you should bookmark this iOS widget so you can monitor your activities.

Since it’s connected, you can count on it to function dependably and display your advancement on your iOS smartphone. So, you won’t have to open the Health app to see how well you’re doing in the gym and how much work you still have left to do to reach your objective.

Batteries widgets

In other words, “Batteries” is one of the greatest iPhone widgets; it makes it very easy to monitor both the iPhone’s battery life and any linked Bluetooth devices, such as AirPods or AirPods 2.

Thus, you shouldn’t pass on this one if you want to monitor the battery life of your devices directly from the widgets panel. Additionally, it comes pre-installed, so you won’t even need to spend money or install any third-party apps to get going.

Fantastical widgets

Fantastical has long been a potent task and calendar organizer. Thus, it would be worthwhile to give this one a try if you’re searching for anything more than Apple’s calendar app. Regarding the Fantastical widget, it is well-designed and effectively facilitates you in keeping track of the things that are important to you. Better still, it offers a 10-day extended weather prediction to assist you in monitoring the conditions and effectively planning your trip to avoid bad weather.

In addition, Fantastical provides a selection of visually striking widget styles for you to choose from. You may choose between the event list+date widget, the event list+calendar widget, or the rather small fast action widget for a minimalist appearance, depending on your needs.

Smart Stack widgets

Smart Stack has several advantages. Its ability to display information based on how you use your iPhone is perhaps its finest feature. For example, the widget will play podcasts when you want to listen to them again and will display reminders when you want to see what’s scheduled for you.

It’s interesting to note that it combines a number of app widgets, such as the calendar, reminders, music, photos, and weather. Yes, it has Siri Suggestions as well. From the home screen, you may quickly scan the most important information by swiping through the widgets. You may even modify Smart Stack to better fit your demands, based on what you require. For example, you may change the widgets’ order and even eliminate the ones you don’t want.

WhatsApp widgets

Given that many of us prefer WhatsApp as our go-to messaging tool for building relationships with friends and family, I felt it would be useful to highlight its widget. The WhatsApp widget for iPhone offers rapid access to preferred contacts, which is something I truly enjoy about it.

In the unlikely event that you must speak with a certain person frequently, you may utilize the widget to start a chat from your device’s lock screen. All you need to do to get started is navigate to the widgets library (swipe right to open the widgets panel -> Edit button -> Customize). After that, touch the “+” button on the WhatsApp widget’s left.) add it to it.

Launcher widgets

One of the most capable and adjustable widgets available for your iPhone is Launcher. Yes, what you just read is true. Easily access your preferred apps with the completely customizable widget app. Additionally, you may adjust it to make calls, send messages, send emails, and even initiate FaceTime video sessions. Additionally, you may utilize it to open your preferred websites quickly.

For example, the widget app allows you to play your favorite music with your choice music app with music launchers, alter app icons, and labels, and stack widgets if you frequently listen to music on your iPhone using some of the greatest music applications available. Remember that you can only get all the benefits of Launcher by purchasing the premium version. When everything is considered, this is currently one of the most helpful iPhone widgets available.

Shazam widgets

You must own this widget if you enjoy music. The Shazam widget performs a very basic function. With only one swipe, you can recognize the background music that is playing. Ideal for when you hear music that you don’t know much about and want to learn more about it.

ESPN widgets

For those of you sports fans out there, this one is for you. With ESPN’s widget, viewers can monitor the standings of their preferred teams and follow their ongoing activities in real-time. I adore the ESPN app and use it to track all of my favorite sports teams.

I love that the widget allows me to quickly check the performance of my favorite teams. It’s likely that your preferred sports app has a widget that you may use to monitor your teams, even if you don’t use ESPN.

Sticky Notes Widget

The sticky notes widget is one of my favorites as it makes keeping track of critical notes so easy. Sticky Widgets is for you if you enjoy the concept of quickly seeing notes.

You may display sticky notes directly on your device’s home screen with this widget, and you can change them whenever you’d like. It functions as intended and is rather lightweight. More significantly, starting a sticky note campaign doesn’t cost any money.

Google News widgets

Do you enjoy being up to speed on the newest events so that you may stay informed about the things that are important to you? If so, why not add one of the greatest iPhone news applications to the Today View so you can easily stay up to date on all breaking news?

It’s the kind of platform where you may read articles about a variety of themes, such as technology, politics, sports, entertainment, business, and more. It boasts a varied group of reliable publishers. Even better, it supports several languages and is free to use.

Headspace widgets

The greatest method for reducing stress and achieving much-needed mental stability is meditation. One of the greatest iPhone meditation applications is Headspace, so look no further for this reason. The app has an ever-expanding collection of guided meditations covering a wide range of topics, including stress relief, mental relaxation, and finding the key to a happy life.

It offers quick sessions (one and a half minutes) to make sure you can find time for meditation even with a busy schedule. It’s interesting to note that Headspace also has soothing narratives that you might listen to while meditating. You may instantly begin a calm meditation session and receive helpful ideas with Headspace widgets.

Smart Battery Widget

Although there is no shortage of helpful iPhone battery widgets, I find the Smart Battery Widget to be more visually appealing. The widget not only has a striking style but also a unique feature that lets you know how much battery life is remaining in your iPhone. Four distinct real-time estimations, including conversation, game, video, and music playback times, are provided by the widget. 

As a result, it becomes quite simple for you to determine how long you may use your iPhone for a certain job, like playing your preferred multiplayer iPhone game or viewing some of the greatest Netflix movies. To make it easier for you to be aware of storage usage, it also offers estimates for device storage.

Game Center Widget 

One of the only methods to relax and spend time with friends digitally, despite the many changes brought about by the coronavirus epidemic, is to play games together online. The new Game Center widget might be useful if you utilize Apple’s Game Center for multiplayer gaming, trophy tracking, and other things.

You may resume playing games you’ve recently played using this widget. Alternatively, you may find out which iPhone games your friends are enjoying and begin playing them yourself.

Apollo for Reddit widgets

Apollo, which is widely regarded as the greatest Reddit software, is made for anyone who wishes to easily keep track of their subreddits. The Apollo iPhone widget has an easy-to-use, lightweight design. It’s interesting to note that it is available in many sizes and designs to better fulfill your demands.

 The “Posts Grid Widget,” which displays several posts in a grid from a feed of your choosing, is rather outstanding, in my opinion. Apollo’s wallpaper widget should quickly win you over if you enjoy keeping track of a subreddit’s popular photos.

Data Usage Widget

Checking data use on iOS is made simple with the help of the data usage widget. And that too directly from your iPhone’s home screen. Thus, the data consumption widget on the home screen will notify you with a quick glimpse the next time you want to know how much data is left in the tank before commencing a lengthy video-streaming session or engaging in heavy surfing.

Photo Widget 

Although quite helpful, the Apple Photos app widget lacks extensive customizing options. It can occasionally be inconvenient for the stock pictures widget app to select featured photographs on its own, especially if you don’t want such images to appear on the home screen. It’s still annoying, even if you can delete photographs from the stock photos widget’s highlighted images. And this is the point at which an excellent third-party iPhone picture widget becomes useful.

You may make an album of photos using Photo Widget: Simple and specify the refresh frequency you want for the photos to rotate through automatically. Additionally, you may easily conceal any particular ones if you ever want to. Given these noteworthy characteristics, Photo Widget: Simple is deserving of a spot among the top free iOS home screen widgets.

Calendar and Reminder widgets

The calendar widget on iOS is one of my favorite widgets since it lets me rapidly view my future events. With the exception of iOS’s built-in calendar app, most other excellent third-party calendar applications come with widgets. These include Fantastical (Free, in-app purchases), BusyCal ($4.99), and others.

The stock widget may function as a suitable calendar/reminders widget if that is all you desire. However, third-party services would be the best option if you wanted greater personalization.


Launcher is a highly customizable iPhone widget that allows users to easily access their preferred apps, make calls, send messages, and emails, and initiate FaceTime video sessions. It also allows users to play music, alter app icons, and labels, and stack widgets. Shazam is a popular widget for music enthusiasts, allowing users to recognize background music with just one swipe. ESPN is a great tool for sports fans, allowing users to track their favorite teams’ standings in real time. Sticky Notes is a lightweight and free widget that allows users to quickly see critical notes on their home screen.

Google News is a platform that provides breaking news updates in various languages and supports multiple languages. Headspace is an excellent iPhone meditation app that offers quick sessions and soothing narratives for meditation. Smart Battery Widget is visually appealing and provides real-time estimations for battery life, making it easy to determine how long users can use their iPhones for specific tasks. Game Center Widget allows users to resume playing games they’ve recently played or find out which games their friends are enjoying.

Apollo for Reddit is a lightweight and easy-to-use Reddit widget that allows users to easily track their subreddits. The “Posts Grid Widget” is an outstanding option for those who enjoy keeping track of popular photos on a subreddit. Data Usage Widget is a simple way to check data usage on iOS, allowing users to know how much data is left in the tank before starting a lengthy video-streaming session or engaging in heavy surfing.




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