Dbrand iPhone 14 Pro: Enhance Your iPhone with Sleek Protection

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Dbrand iPhone 14 Pro: You recently purchased a new iPhone 14… However, how will you shield it against dents and falls? The solution is the dbrand Grip Case. Orders for iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max are currently being accepted for the most stylish yet protective case for the iPhone 14.

The Grip Case, which comes with a choice of 29 different colored backplates, has military-grade drop protection and impact resistance, a slim profile, and satisfyingly clicky buttons. Your phone is difficult to drop in the first place because of its sticky, textured surface. It’s the most grippable phone case ever

Dbrand iPhone 14 Pro

There are a lot of large, hefty iPhone 14 cases available. However, the Grip Case scarcely increases the weight of your phone—it is only two millimeters thin above the screen. It is just twenty times thicker than human hair, in actuality.

Dbrand iPhone 14 Pro

Because of the front lip of the case’s carefully chamfered edge, your thumb can still reach the whole surface of your screen, making gesture navigating a breeze. Additionally, the case’s edge arcs slightly downward in the middle while swiping horizontally to prevent the lip from getting in the way of your thumb.

You can put your phone down and forget about the protruding camera module since the ridge on the rear of the cover lines up with the iPhone 14 camera bump.

Furthermore, as the name suggests, dbrand made this case especially sticky. The case’s surface is covered with tiny textured dots that form minuscule ridges.

Dbrand iPhone 14 Pro sleek design

Although these hundreds of dots are not visible to the human eye, they have a significant impact on how the gadget is used. For added tacky appeal, the case’s sides also include liquid black grip strips.

Dbrand iPhone 14 Pro sleek design

Thousands of touch points are practically provided to your hand by the Grip Case. The objective? Never again will you drop your phone. However, the Grip Case provides military-grade impact resistance in case you need protection. For further scratch protection, you may also include a tempered glass Dbrand screen protector with your purchase.

Dbrand iPhone 14 Pro best designs

There is a large selection of suitable backplates for the Grip case, so you can find something that works for you. Whether you like bright or muted looks, there is something to suit your style.

Lastly, the dbrand Grip Case is compatible with MagSafe, so you can use other MagSafe accessories or wirelessly charge using the MagSafe charging puck without taking the case off.


The Dbrand iPhone 14 Pro is a fashionable case that also serves as protection against dents and drops for your gadget. The Grip Case features a compact profile, clicky buttons, impact resistance, military-grade drop protection, and 29 changeable colored backplates. The casing is twenty times thicker than human hair and just two millimeters thin above the screen.

Gesture navigation is a snap thanks to the front lip of the case’s expertly chamfered edge, which enables your thumb to reach the whole screen. To keep the lip out of your thumb’s way, the edge of the casing swipes horizontally and arcs slightly downward in the middle. It is simple to set down your phone since the back ridge of the cover aligns with the camera bulge on the iPhone 14.

Dbrand covered the case’s surface in small textured dots, giving it an exceptionally sticky feel. For extra tacky appeal, liquid black grip strips are also attached to the case’s sides. The Grip Case, with thousands of contact points, guarantees that you won’t drop your phone ever again. You may also add a tempered glass Dbrand screen protector to your order for additional scratch prevention.

For the Grip Case, there’s a wide range of appropriate backplates that fit both bold and subdued aesthetics. Furthermore, you may use additional MagSafe accessories and wirelessly charge the device using the MagSafe charging puck without removing the dbrand Grip Case thanks to its compatibility with MagSafe.


Should I have a case on my iPhone 14 Pro?

The camera lenses of the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max are their most significant feature! Thus, be sure that your new cover can, at all costs, shield the camera lenses on your iPhone. Additionally, the cover should virtually shield your iPhone’s screen from future scratches and drops. You should find your case compelling as well.

Do dbrand cases protect your phone?

Because of the unique technology used to make the dbrand GripTM, your phone will never fall out of your hands unless you want it to. Furthermore, our Pixel 7 Pro phone cover just adds 2mm of bulk to each dimension of your phone, yet provides all that extra toughness. minimalist style, military protection. Grab a Grip now.

Does dbrand have a return policy?

Returns of undamaged, unopened goods without any logos or other artwork may be eligible for a refund less the cost of shipping, given that the goods arrived damaged.

Is dbrand a US company?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada is home to dbrand.

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