Accelerate Your Revenue: 5 Proven Methods Using Copilot

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Here you will find the most comprehensive guide on increasing your revenue: “Accelerate Your Revenue: 5 Proven Methods Using Copilot for Sales.” To remain ahead in today’s cutthroat business environment, one has to be innovative, strategic, and precise. Using state-of-the-art Copilot technology, this detailed guide reveals five potent strategies to skyrocket your sales numbers.

How to Setup GitHub Copilot

How to Setup GitHub Copilot

See the documentation for installation and basic use instructions of Copilot. There is a free trial and cheap price beyond the trial, and you may add Copilot to an individual or company account.

You may access Copilot by logging into your GitHub account and installing the plugins for your integrated development environment (IDE).

Here we’ll be using the following Visual Studio Code add-ons:

CopilotAI pairs programmers with in-IDE code suggestionsNo
Copilot NightlyNightly build of Copilot, including latest changesNo
Copilot LabsExperimental features in the sidebarYes
Copilot ChatInteractive chat in the sidebar, part of Copilot XYes
Copilot VoiceVoice assistantYes
  1. While this data is current as of the article’s publication, it is subject to change as GitHub updates these products.
  2. Unfortunately, I am only able to provide feedback based on the preview docs provided by GitHub since I have not yet been granted access to Copilot Voice or Copilot (X) for pull requests.


First, a word on privacy: if you trust GitHub with your source code, you should have no problem with them handling your Copilot prompts and code snippets. Now let’s dive into some important use cases for Copilot. (Refer to their Privacy Statement and Frequently Asked Questions manual.)

Use Cases for GitHub Copilot

Use Cases for GitHub Copilot

When you include the Labs, Chat, and Voice Preview capabilities, the list of possible uses for GitHub Copilot becomes even longer. The characteristics of Copilot may make development easier.

Using Copilot extensions effectively may be achieved in the following ways:

Code GenerationCopilot, Copilot Nightly, Copilot Voice
Explaining CodeCopilot Labs, Copilot Chat, Copilot Voice
Language TranslationCopilot Labs, Copilot Chat
DebuggingCopilot Labs, Copilot Chat
RefactoringCopilot Labs, Copilot Chat
Test GenerationCopilot, Copilot Nightly, Copilot Labs, Copilot Chat
Code ReviewsCopilot Chat
Voice-Driven DevelopmentCopilot Voice

Code Generation

The code completion capabilities of Copilot are well known. If you input the start of a line of code or provide a remark in the code, Copilot will provide a solution that you may choose to accept, ignore, or look into other options. “Ghost text.” is the name for it.

Just type in your instructions and press Tab when a suggestion appears; code completion is that easy when you log in and install the Copilot extension.

Copilot Chat goes above and beyond code completion by being able to take a single prompt and provide instructions for creating a whole application.

I asked it to create a REST API in Node with CRUD functions for “products,” and it generated functional code. Terrific in every respect. What was great was that, when I used the same prompt, ChatGPT also provided instructions on how to execute the code.

Additionally, Copilot Voice may use voice instructions to create or update code. Using Copilot’s keyboard shortcuts for code completion is usually quicker than using Voice to dictate lines of code. The idea of writing and running code using Copilot Voice, however, is appealing since it eliminates the need to write or look at a screen.

About your GitHub Copilot usage

By clicking on the “Seat Assignment Status” filter, you can see how your company is using GitHub Copilot Business. At the organizational level, this data encompasses the overall quantity of seats that were carried over from the last billing cycle, seats that have been added this cycle, and seats that will be deleted after this cycle.


This guide outlines five proven methods of using Copilot for sales to boost revenue in today’s competitive business landscape. To set up GitHub Copilot, users need to install plugins for Visual Studio Code and log into the platform. Copilot’s use cases include code generation, explanation, language translation, debugging, refactoring, testing, code reviews, voice-driven development, and voice-driven development. Code completion features, such as Ghost Text and ChatGPT, make code generation simple and efficient. Users can also view usage information for GitHub Copilot Business in their organization.


What is Copilot used for?

Use Copilot’s integration with Microsoft Office.
Based on a prompt, Microsoft Word’s Copilot may generate a first draft for you. With Microsoft Graph running in the background, Copilot can include material from company-wide collaborative papers. It may also change the document’s tone to make it seem more formal or informal.

Can I use Copilot for free?

Similar to the free version of Microsoft Copilot (formerly known as Bing Chat), Copilot for Windows is available to all users.

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