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We are pleased to present Microsoft Dynamics Copilot o365, which offers AI-powered, interactive support for a variety of business tasks, including supply chain, marketing, sales, and service. We are releasing the first AI copilot in the world that is directly integrated into both CRM and ERP applications with Dynamics Copilot o365.By utilizing natural language processing and next-generation AI capabilities, Copilot enhances Dynamics 365 for business professionals.

It helps them generate ideas and content more quickly, finish tedious activities, and obtain insights and the best course of action simply by stating what needs to be done. Microsoft Viva Sales and Dynamics 365 programs both have preview versions of Copilot functionality. See examples of the features and find out how to get the previews below. 

Copilot in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Viva Sales

Copilot o365:Copilot in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales and Viva Sales

Scaling seller experiences is a challenge for many sales teams. Any sales company may become more efficient and productive with the use of AI by automating the sales process and getting to know their clients better.The CRM systems that sellers use are revolutionized by Microsoft Viva Sales, which can be purchased separately for Salesforce or included with Dynamics Copilot o365 Sales.

It integrates with Microsoft Teams and Outlook to provide AI-powered insights and actions to sellers, enhancing their decision-making and actions. The latest capabilities added to Copilot assist sellers in increasing efficiency, reducing workloads, and maintaining focus on closing agreements and building relationships with clients. 

Communicate with customers more effectively with AI-generated emails

Copilot o365:Communicate with customers more effectively with AI-generated emails

We revealed last month that Viva Sales can now generate content ideas based on emails from customers, such as a response to a query or a request for a proposal, together with recipient-specific information like deadlines, pricing, and promotions. The seller just needs to choose the option that best fits their needs, and a reply will be generated for them to check, modify, and send. The response is improved by the integration of data from Microsoft Graph, which gives users access to people-centric information and insights from the CRM (Microsoft Dynamics Copilot o365 or Salesforce®) and other Microsoft Cloud services.

We’re excited to share an update with you today: email replies will now be generally available, and on March 15th, we’ll be adding features to allow for personalized emails. For instance, depending on availability on the vendor’s Outlook calendar, the seller can create an email offering a client a suggested meeting time and date.Furthermore, a recently implemented feedback mechanism enables vendors to assign a positive or negative rating to the AI-generated material, aiding in the improvement of subsequent responses.

By offering a fresh prompt that generates an updated response that expands upon the previously recommended draft and provides additional context, sellers can further enhance the generated results. Sellers can save time writing emails and looking up sales information from databases and colleagues by having customizable material automatically suggested to them.  

Follow up with customers promptly with AI-generated meeting summaries

Copilot o365:Follow up with customers promptly with AI-generated meeting summaries

When on the phone with prospects and customers, sellers frequently spend hours each day; almost as much time is spent summarizing action items for follow-through. Conversation intelligence offers automatic summaries of the main points, problems, and concerns raised throughout the meeting to assist with that.

The new Copilot feature, which is currently in Viva Sales public preview, leverages Azure OpenAI Service’s natural language processing power to intelligently create a call summary with action items and follow-up dates based on CRM and meeting data. With Teams, summaries can be created for a variety of meeting types, such as internal and multi-participant conversations, which can help salespeople remain focused and organized during important, content-rich sales meetings. 

Dynamics 365  sales 

Microsoft Co-Pilot is an invaluable tool in Microsoft Dynamics Copilot o365 Sales that helps sellers streamline their sales processes and reduce the amount of time they spend on administrative tasks. Co-Pilot creates an Outlook email summary of a Teams meeting and composes email responses to customers using artificial intelligence (AI). Important elements from the seller’s CRM, such as product and pricing details, are incorporated into the meeting report, along with the most important conclusions from the recorded Teams chat.

This functionality will be especially helpful to salespeople, who have to spend a lot of time on administrative tasks like reviewing and responding to emails. In fact, a seller’s day may be consumed by these duties for as much as 66% of the time, time that would be better spent engaging with customers. By automating email responses and meeting recaps, Co-Pilot in Dynamics 365 Sales frees up sellers’ time to focus on building client relationships and closing deals.  

Dynamics 365 customer Service 

Dynamics Copilot o365 Customer Service offers a useful technology called Microsoft Co-Pilot that enables customer service representatives to provide their clients with outstanding support. Agents may create contextual responses to questions in email and chat with Co-Pilot, which helps them reply to consumer requests promptly and properly. In order to guarantee that AI-powered knowledge is constantly accessible to respond to client inquiries, Co-Pilot additionally offers an interactive chat experience over knowledge bases and case histories.Apart from its chat and email features, Co-Pilot also facilitates customer support departments in creating virtual agents in a matter of minutes.

Businesses can leverage the power of Bing and Azure OpenAI Services to deliver responses from their internal knowledge bases and company websites by utilizing the conversation enhancers in Power Virtual Agents. This helps organizations streamline their customer service processes while also assisting clients in getting the information they need promptly. 

Dynamics 365 Business Central 

Microsoft Co-Pilot is a Dynamics Copilot o365 Business Central game-changer. Its ability to simplify the process of creating product listings for online commerce is just one of its numerous advantages. Product characteristics like color, material, and size may be quickly and easily utilized with Co-Pilot to create eye-catching product descriptions for online stores. 

This means that by automating the process of writing product descriptions—which can be further personalized by selecting the tone of voice, structure, and length—businesses may save time and resources.

Customers of Business Central that utilize Shopify as their e-commerce platform will find Co-Pilot to be especially helpful. Customers can effortlessly publish their products with descriptions to their Shopify store with a few clicks, removing the need for manual entry and lowering the possibility of mistakes.

Dynamics Copilot o365 Supply Chain Management

A potent feature in the Microsoft Dynamics Copilot o365 Supply Chain Management package, Microsoft Co-Pilot assists companies in anticipating and resolving external problems that could affect their supply chain operations. Co-Pilot employs machine learning to identify possible problems that can affect important supply chain operations, such as weather, finances, and geography. Through early identification of these concerns, organizations can proactively address and minimize possible disruptions.

Predictive insights from Co-Pilot reveal impacted orders related to materials, inventory, carriers, distribution networks, and other areas. 

This makes it possible for supply chain planners to react swiftly to external challenges by evaluating their impact and taking appropriate action. Co-Pilot, for instance, can set up Dynamics 365 to automatically draft emails to affected partners, warning them of impending disruptions before they materialize. 


Microsoft Dynamics Copilot o365 is an AI-powered tool that enhances business processes such as supply chain, marketing, sales, and service. It is the first AI copilot to be directly integrated into both CRM and ERP applications. Copilot uses natural language processing and next-generation AI capabilities to help business professionals generate ideas and content more quickly, finish tedious activities, and obtain insights and the best course of action.


Is Copilot free with Dynamics 365?

To purchase Copilot for Sales, you will need a product license for Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard, Business Premium, or Office 365 E3 or E5. Copilot for Sales is available to customers with Microsoft 365 Copilot licenses for an extra $20 per user/month.

What is Microsoft 365 copilot and how does it help users?

You can use Microsoft Copilot’s graph-grounded chat feature to integrate your work material and context with the chat features. You may create material, catch up on missing work, and get answers to open-ended queries via graph-grounded chat—all safely based on your work data.

What are the advantages of Copilot?

Users can increase creativity because of how quickly and accurately teams can produce documents, make presentations, and write emails. Furthermore, Copilot facilitates organic meeting flow, focusing on agenda items and ideas while capturing important concepts and takeaways.

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