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Many of us felt it was standard practice when we were kids to not want to wear a helmet when riding a bike. However, security is crucial. We are older now and always carry cell phones. We must protect our pricey gadgets since touchscreen phones are fragile and extremely precious. Look no further than CASETiFY’s durable protectors if you need a replacement or are in need of one for the phone case that you’ve owned for more than a year. 

What is CASETiFY?

At first, CASETiFY was a business that made personalized phone covers for Android and iPhone using images from Instagram. At now, it is the fastest-growing tech accessory brand worldwide. The business now offers cases for MacBooks, AirPods, and other gadget accessories. Casetify’s designs, which range from imaginative to personalized and feature exclusive partnerships with artists like Pharrell and Thom Browne, enhance your ability to express yourself. 

What Are the Best CASETiFY Phone Cases?

See our top picks for the inventive CASETiFY cases that will provide phone protection with a somewhat more individualized and less clinical vibe. For iPhone and Android smartphones, the majority of the greatest CASETiFY phone cases are offered.

Pangram Custom

What Are the Best CASETiFY Phone Cases?

Additionally, you may add your preferred big city to your case. You may have a case with a distinctive typeface and text thanks to a partnership with the typography business Pangram Pangram, founded in Montreal. Travel enthusiasts served as the inspiration for this design, which looks like an airline boarding card. You may get the Impact Case or Ultra Impact Case for your iPhone 7 to iPhone 12 Pro Max.


What Are the Best CASETiFY Phone Cases?

An Instagram shot served as the inspiration for the Clouds case. The finishes for this straightforward design include transparent, sheer, or matte. A variant with a glitter or neon sand liquid backdrop is also available. In addition, all protection tiers are offered, giving you a wide array of choices should you choose this one. 

Alchemy by Ann Upton

What Are the Best CASETiFY Phone Cases?

The exquisite, textured paint strokes on this case, created by Ann Upton, give the impression that you are looking at an artwork in a museum. Its shockproof material provides 360-degree, all-around impact protection. This guarantees that your phone will be secure from a fall regardless of the level of protection you buy.

The brand’s “DEFENSIFY” anti-microbial coating, which is capable of 99% bacterial eradication, bezel screen protection, and flash-absorbing camera ring are other important characteristics. This case includes MagSafe compatibility and is also compatible with wireless charging. An additional benefit is that you may choose from an assortment of colors for your case’s edges.

Skateboarding Shiba Inu

What Are the Best CASETiFY Phone Cases?

This one brings to mind Doge, the dog that predicts the weather and the moniker of Dogecoins, for all of the Shiba Inu enthusiasts. Every element of the prior example we suggested is present in this one. It comes with MagSafe compatibility and is offered in all protection levels. Another alternative is to get a cover that resembles a lava lamp for your phone and contains glitter or neon sand fluids. 

Music Cassette Tape

What Are the Best CASETiFY Phone Cases?

Fans of classic media who still have a soft spot for music will adore this phone case. It does seem like you’re caring about your own mixtape because we all listen to music on our phones, especially when the words “my music” are encrypted in your case. This case is a terrific birthday or “just cause” present for yourself or any music lover in your life because of all the high quality and protective features we’ve discussed.

Basketball Leather Case

What Are the Best CASETiFY Phone Cases?

With this stylish case designed in collaboration with the NBA, you can flaunt your passion for the game. You have a firm grasp since the leather detailing feels like a basketball. In addition to protecting your phone, it improves the appearance of phone cases. But it’s limited to iPhone models, from the Xs to the 12 Pro. Apologies, Android users. 


Offering fashionable and durable phone covers for iPhone and Android devices, Casetify is a rapidly expanding brand of tech accessories. The firm currently sells MacBook, AirPod, and other device accessory cases. Originally, it produced customized phone covers utilizing photos from Instagram. Creative to individualized, Casetify’s designs showcase unique collaborations with musicians such as Thom Browne and Pharrell. The Pangram Custom, Clouds, Alchemy by Ann Upton, Shiba Inu, Music Cassette Tape, and Basketball Leather Case are a few of the greatest CASETiFY phone cases.


What’s the hype about Casetify?

Casetify offers hundreds of adorable and useful phone cases. To withstand impact, they are constructed from two layers of shock-absorbing polyethylene. If the device is dropped on a level surface, the raised bezels surrounding the screen and camera lenses assist in shielding the glass.

Are Casetify cases really that good?

I adore these covers since they are quite sturdy and, if you’re into it, you can select from some pretty awesome patterns. Although the designs they flaunt on their home pages are a little cheesy, there is still room for improvement in terms of level drop resistance. When my phone is in a Casetify case, it is always secure.

Why is Casetify so famous?

Being a first adopter meant less competition, and Casetify’s influencer strategy is now typical among businesses seeking to develop without much of a marketing budget, which contributed to part of its success. Because of the prominence, Casetify was able to approach actual celebrities.

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