Android on Your Wrist: Top Smartwatches for Android Users (Including Pixel Watch 3!)

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Best smartwatch for Android users in 2024:Android users now consider smartwatches to be essential companions in today’s tech-driven environment. These devices have a wide range of features, from texting to tracking fitness. What determines the best, though? The best Android smartwatches have been selected by StudyFinds using advice from online specialists. Innovative developments like the SWEATSENSER Dx, which uses sweat to identify illnesses like COVID-19, increase their allure even further.

Furthermore, current research suggests that smartwatches may be able to measure mental health using AI, which would completely change how people handle stress. The future is full of opportunities, so be sure to check back for updates on these cutting-edge discoveries. View our selection of suggested arm candy and let us know which you like best in the comments section below.

Importance of Smartwatches for Android Users

Best smartwatch for Android users in 2024:Importance of Smartwatches for Android Users

For Android users, smartwatches are becoming essential accessories that improve their digital experience and fit into their everyday routines. Numerous features are available on these wearable gadgets, ranging from measuring fitness and health indicators to handling calls and receiving notifications. Smartwatches allow customers easy access to information and services directly from their wrists by syncing with Android smartphones.

With their unparalleled versatility and usefulness, smartwatches play a key role in the lives of Android users, whether they are being used for health goal tracking, remaining connected while on the go, or just applying a little ease to daily activities.

Best smartwatch for Android users in 2024:Pixel Watch 3

Best smartwatch for Android users in 2024:Pixel Watch 3

Google’s flagship wristwatch, the Pixel Watch 3, is packed with cutting-edge capabilities that are intended to improve the Android user experience. The Pixel Watch 3’s graceful and contemporary design allows it to interface with Android devices with ease, giving consumers simple access to notifications, apps, and more. This smartwatch’s graphic OLED display provides clear images and simple navigation for a flawless user experience.

The Pixel Watch 3 is an excellent health and fitness tracker, with cutting edge capabilities like workout tracking, sleep analysis, and heart rate monitoring, in addition to its attractive design. Whether you’re going to the gym or going for a run, this wristwatch offers tailored advice and insights to support your fitness objectives. Furthermore, the Pixel Watch 3 has built-in Google Assistant functionality, enabling users to complete tasks, create reminders, and obtain responses simply by speaking. For Android users looking for a dependable and adaptable smartwatch companion, the Pixel Watch 3 is a great option because of its extensive feature set and outstanding battery life.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Best smartwatch for Android users in 2024:Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Best smartwatch for Android users in 2024:The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is a smartwatch that is an example of perfection, with its sturdy construction and excellent battery life. It takes over the popular One UI 5 Watch upgrade from its predecessors, adding features like improved sleep tracking and customized heart-rate zones. The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is available in a single 45mm casing type, designed to accommodate customers with wider fingers, as opposed to the Galaxy Watch 6 series, which offers various size options. Because of its sturdy construction, which guarantees longevity, it’s perfect for people with active lifestyles.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro also keeps all of the flagship features from its predecessor, such as blood oxygen monitoring and advanced health sensors like an ECG. The ECG feature requires a Galaxy phone, however other Android devices can be easily integrated for a seamless user experience. Although there have been slight enhancements in terms of battery life and screen size compared to its predecessors, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is still a strong option, particularly for those who value durability and lifespan in a wristwatch.

Fitbit’s Sense 2 

Best smartwatch for Android users in 2024:The Fitbit Sense 2 is a solid fitness tracker that fulfills all of your needs. It features a built-in GPS, tracks many trackable activities, analyzes your sleep, stress, and menstrual cycles, and offers unique insights into your fitness habits. Even the battery life is impressive—it may last up to five or six days.

We discovered that it was among the most exact fitness trackers we had ever worn, especially considering how fast its GPS synchronized with an activity. The watch quickly detected a GPS signal, allowing us to begin tracking our movements. It also features an easy-to-use interface, which is particularly beneficial for people who are unfamiliar with fitness trackers or Fitbits.

Additionally, the Sense 2 contains a number of useful health and wellness features. This incorporates Fitbit’s new real-time stress tracker, heart rhythm (ECG) data, and a skin temperature sensor. During our tests, stress tracking was particularly intriguing since we appreciated how effectively it represented our stress levels and provided helpful advice on how to reduce them.

The Sense 2 falls short in one area: smartwatch functionality. Although it doesn’t quite live up to the label, it is officially one of Fitbit’s “smartwatches.”. For example, Fitbit made a disappointing decision by not supporting third-party apps and by denying users access to tools like Google Assistant, even though Google is the parent business. Moreover, it cannot play or save music.

While some may take these disadvantages into account, we don’t think they should deter you from purchasing the Sense 2. It’s a passable smartwatch that continues to receive calls, messages, and emails, but its real value is in fitness and health tracking. The Sense 2 is the greatest Android smartwatch available for individuals who prioritize fitness (it’s also among the top Fitbits in general).   

Google Pixel Watch

Best smartwatch for Android users in 2024:The goal of Google’s first Pixel Watch is to directly compete with the Apple Watch. Its smooth, flexible shape and selection of health sensors—which include an ECG app and blood oxygen monitoring—help it succeed largely. Accurate heart-rate tracking, a suite of fitness tracking tools, and analysis via the Fitbit app are all included.

Because of its weaker battery than other watches on this list, you’ll probably need to charge this one every day, especially if you enjoy tracking your sleep and doing outside GPS exercises. Additionally, there is just one 41mm size available. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic

Best smartwatch for Android users in 2024:For most people, the greatest Android watch is Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 6. With a maximum brightness of 2,000 nits on both the Galaxy Watch 6 and 6 Classic, viewing your watch in any kind of lighting is effortless.

You get all the main features you would anticipate, including temperature, body composition, blood oxygen, and an ECG. It should be noted that while all other functions are compatible with other Android phones, using the ECG does require a Galaxy phone.

All things considered, both watches are essentially the same as the Galaxy Watch 5, with the exception of minor changes to the screen size and battery life. The watch will still require daily charging, particularly if you choose to track your sleep.

If you require the longest battery life of any Galaxy Watch—up to three days—the older Galaxy Watch 5 Pro is still available. 

Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5

Best smartwatch for Android users in 2024:Experts rate the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5 as the fourth most popular Android watch. According to The New York Times, “the TicWatch Pro 5 offers impressive performance thanks to the latest mobile processor, and it can last several days longer even with heavy use.” Most smartwatches require nightly charging.

The website The Verge points out that Mobvoi’s TicWatch range has loyal supporters for good reason—ultra long battery life.. “It boasts a massive (for a wristwatch, at least) 628mAh battery, a secondary extremely low power display, and an estimated 80 hours of power reserve with normal use.”

ZDNet agrees. Why? According to ZDNET’s tests, the TicWatch Pro 5 stands out for its durability. The TicWatch can run for up to 80 hours on a single charge because of its ultra-low-power (ULP) display, a monochrome screen that shows important details like the time, date, and steps when you’re not using it. 


Best smartwatch for Android users in 2024:As a result, there is an abundance of innovation and opportunities available to Android consumers when it comes to smartwatches. These devices offer a multitude of features to accommodate a wide range of demands and preferences, from the innovative capabilities of the Pixel Watch 3 to the durability and performance of the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 5.

With innovations like the SWEATSENSER Dx and the possibility of employing AI to monitor mental wellness, wristwatch technology has a bright and hopeful future. There is a wristwatch out there to improve your digital experience, regardless of your priorities: seamless connectivity with your Android handset, an elegant accessory, or health tracking as a top priority. Look through our carefully chosen inventory to find the ideal arm candy to go with your style.


What’s the best smartwatch to get for Android?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Pro 5 is our choice for the greatest Android smartwatch overall because of its elegant appearance. See how the other models compare to one another and to wear on your wrist. 

What will smart watches be like in the future?

The prospects for smartwatches in the future are exciting: Flexible Displays: It’s possible to envision smartwatches with curved, flexible displays that mold to the contours of the wrist to provide a more comfortable fit. Biometric Sensing: Accurate real-time health monitoring may be made possible by sophisticated biometric sensors. 

Which smart watch is in trend?

Though Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 6 and Google’s Pixel Watch 2 are excellent wearables for Android users, the Apple Watch is still our top pick for iPhone users. We also enjoy a number of additional possibilities, in a range of styles and intelligence levels. 

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