Upgrade Your Sound: Assessing the Value of Airpods 4

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Are Airpods 4 Worth the Upgrade: Apple continues to produce some of the most popular wireless devices on the market, including the AirPods. The Apple AirPods 4 are eagerly anticipated by industry professionals and fans alike. It appears that there will be two iterations of the stemmed tablets, one priced affordably and the other at a higher premium.

Stan Lee has appeared in fewer cameos than these open-ear headphones, which resemble AirPods Pro without ear tips. Although the AirPods have historically performed optimally with iPhones, potential hardware modifications could render the Apple AirPods (4th generation) more compatible with Android devices. Attention: Presented below is comprehensive information regarding the AirPods 4.

AirPods 4 release date

AirPods 4 release date

The fourth generation of AirPods will come to life during our lifetime. Apple invested a substantial amount of effort into developing the AirPods, and the investment has been fruitful. In Q3 2023, the sales of Apple’s Wearables Home and Accessories category remained superior to those of its Mac and iPad categories.

Furthermore, an October report by Mark Gurman stated that Apple is preparing to redesign its AirPods lineup the following year. Gurman observes that Apple intends to replace two AirPods from the fourth generation for its second and third-generation models. These will be priced similarly to the versions that are presently available. Conversely, one will function as a cost-effective substitute, whereas the other will exhibit a more substantial feature set and a greater price range. Gurman emphasises that these modifications and redesigned designs will precede the AirPods Pro revision a year later.

Ming-Chi Kuo

Earlier this year, a reputable industry analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, reported that Hong Teng might take over AirPods assembly from GoerTek. Regardless of who manufactures Apple’s earpiece, the introduction of the AirPods 4 appears assured. Analyst Jeff Pu informed 9to5Mac that the AirPods Lite will be the name of the next-generation AirPods. Although the precise branding of these forthcoming AirPods remains uncertain, it seems that the AirPods 4 will be available in a more affordable price range compared to prior iterations.

The Apple AirPods 4: Our Desired Specs & Features

A more limited feature set compared to the AirPods 3 would result from a reduced price point for the affordable iteration of the AirPods 4. Drawing from this information and Apple’s customary patterns, the following is our current understanding of the AirPods 4.

AirPods 4 Software features

Apple adores an ecosystem that is strictly regulated more than anyone else. We are certain that the AirPods 4 will feature Apple-exclusive features such as automatic device toggling within the same iCloud account. Additionally, battery optimisation and Find My Access should be included, although these features are more likely to be exclusive to the more expensive model.

It is possible that the AirPods 4 will utilise the more recent H2 chip rather than the older H1 chip. If so, changes such as enhanced processing power and energy efficiency may be implemented for certain features that Apple introduced at WWDC 2023. The H2 chip could provide the AirPods 4 with Personalised Volume. Your listening habits will be learned by Personalised Volume through the manual activation of volume levels in designated environmental settings. After acquiring knowledge of your preferences, the earbuds will dynamically adjust accordingly.

WWDC was also where Apple made reference to Informal Awareness and Adaptive Audio. We do not anticipate seeing these on the lower-tier AirPods 4 model because they are noise cancellation enhancement features that are absent from the standard AirPods. On the other hand, it is anticipated that the premium model of the AirPods 4 will include noise cancellation, which would pave the way for adaptive audio.

AirPods 4 Design

Mark Gurman highlights Apple’s intention to revise the aesthetics of the charging case and AirPods 4 versions. Gurman expects that the next generation of the company’s earphones will feature a design that combines elements from the AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro 2. It is anticipated that both iterations of the AirPods 4 will feature shortened stems and an enhanced fit. Neither, however, are anticipated to include detachable ear extensions similar to those found on the AirPods Pro 2. Moreover, similar to previous iterations, we anticipate the AirPods 4 to be available in white and feature contoured stems and an unsealed fit. Additionally, force-sensor controls for modifying playback and answering calls should be implemented.

AirPods 4 Call and audio quality

Similar to the AirPods 3, we anticipate that the AirPods 4 will underperform at sub-bass frequencies due to their improbable unsealed construction. Nevertheless, Apple is reportedly working to address and enhance the aural quality of its next-generation device.

AirPods have never been considered the finest earbuds in terms of sound fidelity. On the AirPods 4, Apple’s Adaptive EQ should reappear. This mechanism dynamically modifies the low and midrange frequencies to compensate for an irregular fit. Adaptive EQ is operational irrespective of the operating system in use.

AirPods 4 USB-C charging

Apple could get away with equipping the AirPods 4 case with a Lightning charging port if the earphones are released prior to December 28, 2024. Apple appears to be anticipating this development by equipping its next-generation AirPods including the AirPods Max 2 with USB-C charging. Given that Apple’s AirPods Pro (2nd Generation) already support USB-C charging and that the transition is inevitable, this would be the most logical course of action. USB-C charging may also convince Android users to give significant consideration to the AirPods 4.

AirPods 4 Longer battery life

We would still like to see an improvement in the battery life of the AirPods 4, even if Apple were to reduce the price. Despite having an official battery life of six hours when Spatial Audio is deactivated, the AirPods 3 performed better than this during our testing. We play constant music with a 75dB peak (SPL) until the batteries are completely depleted as part of our standard test. The battery life of the AirPods 3 was six hours and twenty-one minutes under these conditions. It is conceivable that the AirPods 4 could have a battery life of approximately seven hours when spatial audio is deactivated.

AirPods 4 Improved durability

An improved IP classification will distinguish the AirPods 4 from other inexpensive earphones. Dust resistance should ideally be integrated into the next generation of AirPods, as Apple has never done so with its wireless earphones. Adding a dust-resistant design to the AirPods 4 would increase their desirability among active listeners who wipe their hands before exercising or reside in arid climates.

AirPods 4 price

Given that only three AirPods have been released to date, the launch price has fluctuated considerably. The initial offering cost $159, followed by the second at $199, and the third at $179. Although it has fluctuated, I believe Apple will maintain its current price point of $179.

Nevertheless, Ming-Chi Kuo speculates that Apple may include AirPods with a price point of $99 or less. Apple cannot possibly reach that price without making some concessions. It could potentially tear the case from your hand.


Are Airpods 4 Worth the Upgrade: Apple AirPods 4 are anticipated to be available in two variations: a more affordable set of stemmed capsules and a higher-end model. A cost-effective iteration of the AirPods 4 will be available, featuring battery optimisation, auto-switching between devices associated with a single iCloud account, and Find My Access. The AirPods Lite will be the name of the next generation of AirPods, and it is possible that Hong Teng will take over AirPods assembly from GoerTek.

Automatic device transitioning between devices associated with a single iCloud account, battery optimisation, and Find My Access are software features that are exclusive to Apple. Potentially powered by the more recent H2 chip, the AirPods 4 may feature Adaptive Audio, Personalised Volume, and Conversational Awareness. It is anticipated that the aesthetic of the charging case and AirPods 4 will complement that of the AirPods Pro 2 and AirPods 3. It is anticipated that both iterations will have shortened stems and an enhanced fit, but replaceable ear tips are improbable.


Is it worth upgrading your AirPods?

Overall, they will last longer with a more powerful battery, and the improvements to the controls and ambient sound modes are significant usability enhancements that justify the cost.

Are AirPods 3rd gen worth the upgrade?

The most significant change is to the sound quality, in addition to the redesign that should suit most ears better than the AirPods 2nd Generation (though not very tiny ears). It has vastly improved. In addition, the AirPods 3 feature an enhanced battery life and official water resistance. Read our review of the Apple AirPods 3.

Which AirPods is worth buying?

The AirPods Pro 2 are the most readily endorsed among the four existing AirPods variants. This is due to the fact that they suit nearly every ear shape, are extremely pleasant to wear, and feature every cutting-edge technology Apple has to offer in headphones.

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