Apple Vision Pro on Amazon: Get the Latest Mixed Reality Headset from Apple

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Introducing the revolutionary Apple Vision Pro, which is now available on Amazon. This technological marvel will allow us to explore previously unknown realms of mixed reality. This state-of-the-art headgear takes users to previously impossible realms by combining virtual and real-world elements. It provides an immersive experience unlike anything other. Its high-definition display captures every detail with unparalleled accuracy and breathtaking clarity, appealing to our senses and making it difficult to distinguish between what is real and what isn’t. 

Experience amazing sights or go to far-off galaxies with Apple Vision Pro. It opens up many opportunities for relaxation, learning, and even work. Its elegant form guarantees optimal comfort during prolonged use, and its simple controls make navigating this captivating digital world a breeze. With Apple Vision Pro, you may venture into a completely new realm where reality and imagination collide in previously unimaginable ways.

How does it look and feel? 

How does it look and feel? 

The Vision Pro’s design sets it apart from many other AR/VR headsets on the market since it features an external battery pack that is cable-connected to the headset and is about the size of an iPhone. 

As a result, to use the Vision Pro, a user would need to carry the battery in their pocket and deal with a loose cord.

Apple was able to make the Vision Pro headset far lighter than the competitors by using a connected battery arrangement. Apple claims that this should address one of the main problems with VR headsets, which is discomfort during long hours of use. 

The Vision Pro includes an outside screen with a curved design that mimics ski goggles. Its EyeSight function lets onlookers view the wearer’s eyes when they go close. 

Three-dimensional molded and laminated glass forms the front of the headset, which is attached to a unique aluminum alloy frame. For optimal comfort, a range of sizes is available for both the three-dimensionally knitted HeadBand and the soft textile Light Seal. 

The gadget has two OLED screens with a combined pixel count of 23 million, which is more than a 4K TV for each eye. It also has Apple’s M2 processor, twelve cameras, five microphones, six seniors, and Siri, the well-known speech assistant. To prevent latency, it also has a brand-new chip called R1, which operates in parallel with M2.

The headset’s Personalized Spatial Audio feature, which tailors audio to a user’s head shape and dimensions, is powered by two independently amplified speakers housed inside each audio pad. 

The headset will include a crown that looks like the Apple Watch’s to switch between AR and VR. Additionally, there is a button to snap pictures on top of the headset and a knob that makes it simple for customers to adjust the fit.  

In addition to open instructions, users will be able to operate the headset with eye and hand tracking—a function that rival headsets are gradually incorporating into their designs. Users will be able to flick to scroll and pinch to choose, for instance.

The new Vision Pro operating system, called VisionOS, is modeled around the iPadOS interface and extends Apple’s ecosystem of apps and services to the headset. The purpose of this operating system is to facilitate spatial computing. 

What can you do with the headset?

What can you do with the headset?

Popular Apple apps including Books, Camera, Contacts, Facetime, Mail, Maps, Messages, Music, Notes, Photos, Safari, and more may be used in mixed reality—a combination of AR and VR—with the headset. Apple claims that the applications will have the impression that they are in your natural setting. manipulating applications is therefore comparable to manipulating real objects around you. 

One of the device’s greatest selling advantages is immersive video, which gives viewers the impression that they are actually in the location where the video is being filmed. For instance, you can stream a movie and watch it with immersive spatial audio and feel as though it’s playing on a huge screen somewhere else, like the beach. 

To facilitate seamless integration between your preferred apps and the headset, the Vision Pro headset will also be compatible with currently available third-party content. Disney Plus, for instance, will be accessible on the headset right now. 

With its WWDC pitch, Apple intends to encourage more developers to start building services and apps for VisionOS, which would allow third-party support to grow, just like it has on the App Store.

Nevertheless, the Vision Pro will be able to run both the thousands of iPad apps available in the App Store and the best pre-existing games created by independent developers. Additionally, Vision Pro will feature a dedicated app store with programs made just for the headset.

You’re in luck if you’re considering using the headset for work-related activities. By reflecting what’s on your Mac into the augmented reality interface, the headset may function as a 4K external monitor for a connected Mac. 

Furthermore, Facetime for Vision Pro enables group videoconferencing so you may collaborate on projects with your colleagues at the same time. 

More genuine discussion will be possible since each caller’s tile will be “life-sized” and their audio will originate from where they are on the tile. 

Callers will see the “digital persona” of the Vision Pro user, which, according to Apple, reflects the wearer’s hand and facial motions in real time using Apple’s cutting-edge machine-learning technology.

To generate your persona for Facetime conversations, the headset takes a picture of your face, adds depth, and then moves with you. 

How much does the Apple Vision Pro cost? 

With a price tag of $3,499, the Vision Pro commands a premium price point compared to competitors like HTC, Meta, and other manufacturers who have operated in the sub-$1,000 enclosed. 

It is reasonable to believe that the USB-C charging cord, power pack, and headset are all included in the price. 

When is it available?

The Vision Pro headset was announced at WWDC, but it won’t be available for purchase until early 2019. The wearable is currently Not available for Pre-order on 

Apple claims that you will be able to visit the Apple Store to see a demonstration and even customize your fit when it becomes available. 


Apple has unveiled the groundbreaking Apple Vision Pro, a mixed-reality headset that offers an immersive experience by blending the physical world with virtual elements. The headset features a sleek design, a tethered battery pack, and a curved front with an external screen called EyeSight. Its features include two OLED displays, 12 cameras, five seniors, six microphones, and the popular voice assistant, Siri.

The headset also has two individually amplified drivers inside each audio pad for Personalized Spatial Audio, which personalizes audio for users based on their head and geometry. Users can switch between AR and VR using a crown similar to the one found on the Apple Watch, a knob for easy customization, and a button for taking photos.

The headset runs on a new Apple operating system, VisionOS, which resembles the iPadOS interface, bringing the continuity of Apple’s apps and services ecosystem to the headset. It is capable of running popular Apple applications in mixed reality, allowing users to feel as if they were physically present in the space a video is taking place.

Immersive video is one of the biggest selling points of the device, allowing users to stream a movie and watch it as if it were playing on a giant screen in another environment. The headset will also be compatible with existing third-party content, such as Disney Plus, and will have its app store for applications designed specifically for the headset.

The headset will be available on Amazon for $3,499, setting its premium category from competitors like Meta and HTC. It will be available for preorder at and will be available for demos and personalization at the Apple Store.


How much is the Apple Vision Pro headset?

According to Bloomberg, which cited people familiar with the situation, Apple will first need buyers to schedule an in-store appointment to purchase the $3,500 Vision Pro. This will allow for a good fitting of the headset and instruction on how to operate it.

What is Apple Vision Pro used for?

Apple describes the Vision Pro as a gadget that “seamlessly blends digital content with your physical space,” or in Apple lingo, as spatial computing. Put another way, it’s a gadget that integrates digital material into the surrounding real world both visually and aurally.

Why is the Apple Vision Pro so expensive?

When all is considered, the Vision Pro appears to be more costly than its competitors not because it is that much superior to them but rather because it makes extensive use of unique parts. They are making use of a customized lenticular lens technology and display. These two should make up the majority of the expense, in my opinion.

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