Apple iPhone SE 4: Release date, price, Specs and rumors

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Apple iPhone SE 4: Release date, In March 2022, Apple updated its entry-level iPhone, making a few minor adjustments and quietly raising the price. The new iPhone SE was coolly welcomed by the general public, with many anticipating the next version and reviews expecting Apple was prepare a more dramatic redesign of the smartphone. It preserved the Home button and small form factor that appealed to some, but the outdated design and little changes made it. As if on cue, rumors about what that would include are suddenly emerging. Everything we currently know about the Apple iPhone SE 4 and what we can guess is presented in this article.

Is the iPhone SE 4 to be released?

A precise release date for the iPhone SE has not yet been confirmed by Apple, therefore its look is still uncertain. The introduction of the Apple iPhone SE 4 was first predicted for 2023. This was calculated using the cycle of releases for the prior SE models.

Is iPhone SE 4 to be released?

But according to a source, Apple won’t be releasing the Apple iPhone SE 4. Apple may decide to cancel or delay the Apple iPhone SE 4 until 2024 because of the low demand for mid-range iPhones like the SE 3, 13 Mini, and 14 Plus. According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the SE 4’s mass production schedule for 2024 may be postponed rather than delayed. On a platform, he claimed that Qualcomm had been the primary winner as a result of Apple’s decision to stop producing the iPhone SE 4.

Right now, famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has some encouraging news for us. Apple has resumed work on the iPhone SE 4 model, which will include a 6.1-inch OLED display, an Apple-designed 5G processor manufactured using a 4nm process, and will only support sub-6GHz as of now. Kuo added that mass production would begin in 2024 Q1.

Since the current iPhone SE model debuted in March 2022, the upcoming iPhone SE is anticipated to debut in March 2024.

Apple iPhone SE 4 price

Over the years, the initial price of the iPhone SE (and the regular iPhones, for that matter) has steadily increased. Given this, we anticipate that the Apple iPhone SE 4 will experience a similar situation.

Model NameIts Starting Price
Apple iPhone SE (1st gen)$248
Apple iPhone SE (2nd gen)$399
Apple iPhone SE (3rd gen)$429

Users ought to expect a beginning price of between $450 and $500 based on historical data. A price increase is extremely likely given that the iPhone SE 4 is expected to include multiple major changes. 

iPhone SE 4 Expected Specs

The impending Apple iPhone SE 4 is the lineup’s fourth iteration. According to rumors, the gadget will include a new, speedier A15 CPU. It is rumored to support Face ID as well. Let’s examine the new budget iPhone’s precise technical details.

iPhone SE 4 Expected Specs

Design & Display:

According to rumors, the Apple iPhone SE 4 will have a new look in 2019. On the iPhone SE in the past, Apple utilized earlier iPhone designs. For instance, the iPhone SE models from 2020 and 2022 share a design with the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 7. The new, more affordable iPhone SE is anticipated to include Apple’s design from the iPhone XR next year.

The Apple iPhone SE 4 renders have been revealed on the Frontpage Tech website. Based on information obtained by well-known tipster Jon Prosser from an unnamed source, Ian Zelbo produces the renders.

Design & Display:

According to leaked renderings, Apple’s iPhone SE 4 will feature a design similar to the iPhone XR. The Home Button and Touch ID will both be removed from the next iPhone SE. This indicates that the upcoming iPhone will include Face ID and a notch. The Lightning port will probably continue to be used for charging the iPhone SE.

The 6.1-inch HD+ screen on the Apple iPhone SE 4 is believed to have a 60Hz refresh rate and a maximum brightness of 625 nits. Compared to the 4.7-inch screen on the existing iPhone SE, this will be a significant improvement. Instead of an LCD, the iPhone SE 4 might have an OLED display. Apple might replace its LCD display with an OLED version, according to Ross Young. The screen could range in size from 5.7 to 6.1 inches. The enhanced display will motivate the majority of recent iPhone SE purchasers. The Chinese manufacturer BOE will produce the display.

Apple iPhone SE 4 storage

When it comes to Apple, storage choices are never an easy topic to discuss. It seems likely that the entry-level model of the Apple iPhone SE 4 will have little more than half of that (i.e. 64GB) given that the company’s “Pro” iPhones still feature a meager basic 128GB of internal storage in 2022. Again, there is just no definitive information at this moment due to the device’s extremely early phases of manufacture. 

Apple iPhone SE 4 battery

One of the biggest unknowns regarding the Apple iPhone SE 4 is its battery. However, to guarantee an acceptable battery life, a potentially larger screen will always necessitate an increase in battery size. Fortunately, Apple will have no issue cramming in a larger battery due to the SE 4’s probable greater footprint (assuming it ends up reusing the design of the iPhone XR).  

Apple iPhone SE 4 camera

The iPhone SE’s camera module has never been very strong. One of the major concessions is typically a noticeably subpar camera because it is a “budget” option. There is currently no information available on the iPhone SE 4’s camera specifications. You shouldn’t hold your breath in anticipation of the introduction of a better sensor, though.

What features will the Apple iPhone SE 4 have?

There are rumors that the Apple iPhone SE 4 will have a notch, but Face ID could not be one between them. Leakers are unsure that Face ID, a feature of Apple’s higher-end products (the iPhone and iPad Pro), will be included in the coming model. A notch without Face ID would be odd but not uncommon; the MacBook Pro’s notch only houses the front camera. Older claims claimed that Apple would move the Touch ID sensor to the power button, exactly like it did with the 10th-generation iPad. These speculations came from the Chinese tech blog MyDrivers and market analyst Ming Chi-Kuo (via MacRumors).

What features will the Apple iPhone SE 4 have?

You may anticipate a comparable 12MP wide-angle lens since renderings by Ian Zelco on Front Page Tech show the iPhone SE 4 with a single camera. But we’re hoping it has some of the capabilities the iPhone SE 3 lacked, like Night Mode and Cinematic Mode.

The upgraded A15 chip found in the iPhone 14 or the more recent A16 chip could be used, depending on when it launches. Both would not significantly outperform the A15 in the current model.

The iPhone SE 4 might be the first iPhone to come with an Apple-made 5G modem. The baseband chip would only support sub-6GHz bands and be made using a 4nm process, according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Analyst Jeff Pu predicts that Apple will release a fourth-generation iPhone SE with a 5G modem in 2025, according to a MacRumors article from April 2023. TSMC is going to produce the modem chip. Pu, on the other hand, doesn’t have a reputation for accuracy like other specialists. According to Kuo, Apple is testing its 5G modem on a prototype iPhone SE, and the iPhone SE 4 is dead (again).


The iPhone SE 4, the fourth iteration of Apple’s iPhone lineup, is expected to be released in March 2024. The device is expected to feature a 6.1-inch OLED display, an Apple-designed 5G processor, and support sub-6GHz. Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has confirmed that the iPhone SE 4’s mass manufacturing schedule may be postponed, with Qualcomm being the primary winner due to Apple’s decision to stop producing the iPhone SE 4. The iPhone SE 4 is expected to have a new design similar to the iPhone XR, with the Home Button and Touch ID removed.


Is an iPhone SE still good in 2023?

It is the most reasonably priced iPhone currently on the market and, for its starting price of $429, it includes important feature upgrades that the bulk of midrange phones don’t, such as wireless charging, a flagship processor, and an IP67 rating for good water and dust protection. For pure ROI, the iPhone SE is an excellent choice

Will there be an iPhone SE 4?

According to Jeff Pu of Haiton International Securities (via MacRumors), the next iPhone SE won’t be released in 2024 as originally anticipated.

What iPhone will come in 2023?

A special event is anticipated to reveal Apple’s next iPhone 15 line in September 2023. At the same time, new Apple Watch models and possibly other products will be presented. 

What will the iPhone SE 4 look like?

The 6.1-inch iPhone SE 4 display will reportedly be upgraded from LCD to OLED, providing better colors and deeper blacks. It is believed to resemble the iPhone XR and has rounded edges rather than the current iPhones’ boxy design, according to leaker Jon Prosser.

Will the iPhone SE 4 have 5G?

Only the sub-6GHz network will be supported by the 5G modem built inside the iPhone SE 4. In March 2022, Apple released the current iPhone SE, which has a Qualcomm Snapdragon X57 chip for 5G at sub-6GHz. The smartphone has a 4.7-inch touchscreen with Touch ID and a Home button.

What is the next iPhone in 2024?

The 2024 iPhone 16 models are expected to go on sale in September, following the 2023 iPhone 15 models.

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