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As Samsung announces the highly anticipated release date for Android 15, be ready to get swept away by the newest tech hype! As the Android 15 update is about to take your Samsung experience to new heights, be ready to be blown away by innovation and performance. Come explore with us the ins and outs of this exciting news and find out what this revolutionary upgrade has in store for Samsung fans all around the globe. Get a head start and enjoy the thrill of Android 15’s impending release on your Samsung handset!

Android 15 Release Date

Android 15 Release Date

We should anticipate Android 15, codenamed Vanilla Ice Cream, before the end of the year. At Google I/O 2024, keep an eye out for a formal announcement. Once Google makes the announcement, the Android Beta programme will be the first place users may get Android 15, just as with previous versions. After that, the update will be made public, and if your phone is compatible, you will get a message to download Android 15. Until then, February 15 is when the first developer preview is set to be released.

New features of Android 15

New features of Android 15

Both official announcements and speculations about Android 15’s new features are severely lacking at this time. Now that we know the software’s codename, “Vanilla Ice Cream,” it may be added to Google’s dessert update lineup. Examples of Android versions with catchy names include “Upside Down Cake” for Android 14 and “Tiramisu Update” for Android 13.

Android 15 Price

Updates for Android devices are always free.

Android 15 features

All of the features of Android 14 are included in our page for that version. You should be able to use anything from that article using Android 15. In addition to those changes, there will be the usual upgrades seen in major OS versions, such as speed boosts, UI modifications, and privacy enhancements.

Rumour has it that Android 15 will separate NFC from system upgrades, according to Android researcher Mishaal Rahman. The goal is to make it easier for Google to fix issues with the NFC stack and provide updates via the Play Store more quickly.

Android 15, according to Rahman, may make sharing files and music easier. This would function using Bluetooth, allowing you to wirelessly share music from your phone with adjacent devices. There will be a specific section in the Settings app for this function, which has been accessible since Android 13.

The software required to locate the tracker may be included in Android 15 if the rumours around the Google AirTag replacement are true. We may see the rollout of that tracker this year, in time for Android 15, but it was not announced at Google I/O 2023, so when exactly it will happen is anyone’s guess.

Android 15, according to Mishaal Rahman, maybe the arrival of app archiving. You can access this function right now, but it’s all automated and linked to the Play Store. According to Rahman, Android 15 could include built-in support for app archiving. When you archive manually, you may save space by erasing any programme you like.

This concept art for the Android 15 notification panel is only one example of the many possible modifications that might occur between now and the release of Android 15.

When the Android 15 Developer Preview is released, we will have further information. Stay tuned for further information!


Samsung has revealed the release date for Android 15 on its devices, with the codename Vanilla Ice Cream. The update is expected late this year and will be available through the Android Beta programme after Google’s announcement. The first developer preview is expected on February 15. Rumours suggest that Android 15 will split NFC from system updates, simplify media audio sharing, introduce the Google AirTag alternative, and introduce app archiving. Other changes may occur between now and the release.


Will Samsung get Android 15?

All models released in 2024, including the entry-level Galaxy A05s, A15, and A25 models that were revealed in the first week of the year, should also be qualified for the Android 15 update in addition to the models mentioned above.

Is Android 15 out yet?

In February or March of 2024, we anticipate the release of the Android 15 Developer Preview by the firm. April or May should bring the somewhat more reliable and simply installable beta, and August or October might see a stable release.

Is Android 14 available on Samsung?

On the whole, Android 14 will be available as an upgrade for every Samsung device that came out in the last two years. You can still get the update for a little older smartphone, but it will only work with the more costly Galaxy S, Galaxy Z, and Galaxy Tab S series of devices.

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