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Get ready for an amazing smartphone experience with the newest Android 15 upgrade. This update is going to change the way you use your iPhone forever since it comes loaded with fifteen innovative features. Android 15 provides an excellent combination of efficiency and innovation with its improved security features and state-of-the-art functions. Make sure you don’t pass up the chance to be the first to market and use your gadget to its maximum capacity. Discover the next generation of smartphone technology by upgrading now.

Everything we know about Android 15 so far

Everything we know about Android 15 so far

Android 15 is called Vanilla Ice Cream

Google is now more forthcoming regarding future versions of Android, although the business no longer uses internal code names for marketing reasons. For that reason, we are aware that Android 15’s codename is Vanilla Ice Cream. It seems reasonable that it would come next in the alphabetical sequence of Android releases, after Upside Down Cake in Android 14.

Another throwback to Android’s past is the Vanilla Ice Cream moniker. Vanilla Android, meaning “plain Android,” is a common term for the original Android software. We eagerly await the jokes around the fact that some manufacturers’ Android 15 versions will differ from others in terms of flavour.

Android 15’s Easter egg may have partially shown up already

Android 15's Easter egg may have partially shown up already

When you upgrade to a new version of Android, Google often includes a new Easter egg that you can access in the settings menu by repeatedly clicking on the Android version number. On Android 14, this activates a badge in the manner of NASA, featuring the Android mascot. In the latest Android 14 QPR3 beta, the badge is now triangular and no longer mentions Android 14.

Everything else about the Easter egg remains unaltered, including the spacecraft minigame that appears after you keep the badge for a long period. This could have been a sneak peek at the updated Android 15 Easter surprise that Google is currently working on. That nearly makes sense, because the triangle form is very similar to a V, like vanilla ice cream.

Android 15 is expected to be released on

We have a feeling that Google will keep to their typical timetable from years past when releasing Android 15, although the exact date is still uncertain. Remember when, in February 2023, we had a taste of Android 14’s first developer preview? Well, we may anticipate the first sneak peek this year around the same time.

Keep an eye out for announcements, teases, and clues leading up to Google’s annual I/O conference in May 2024, since we will have something to share there as well.

Android 15 eligible devices

There will be a massive list in this area eventually, but for now, we can only speculate. The Pixels will be among the first to get Android 15. Starting with the Pixel 9 series, Google will release the stable Android 15 version. Other devices that are eligible for the update will be added to the rollout over time.

You should acquire the most recent Pixel phone if you’re keen on getting your hands on it first. It seems reasonable that the most recent flagship phones would be the first to get the update, although there may be changes or delays based on the manufacturer and the particular user interface built into Android 15.

Android 15 anticipates new features.

You won’t be left wanting, even if we just have a dribble of information on the potential updates and additions to Android 15 at the time. This is what I’ve got.

Android has evolved into a more modular system over time, with many essential functions moving into mainstream modules. One advantage of this approach is that it lets Google upgrade individual components without having to update the whole system. Quicker patching of security holes and the addition of new features to devices that may not get updates often are both made possible by this.

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and ultra-wideband are already separate from system upgrades in this modular manner. Next on the list to use this strategy and stand out is the NFC. Google is aiming to improve NFC components and integrate them into the mainline module, according to Android specialist Mishaal Rahman, who noticed recent modifications to the code of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

All Android users would benefit from this since it would lead to faster upgrades and fewer problems with NFC. Regrettably, this is the current state of affairs. The most recent information on Android 15 will be posted here as soon as it becomes available, so be sure to check back often.


Android 15 is set to revolutionise the mobile experience with 15 groundbreaking features, including enhanced security measures and cutting-edge functionalities. The update, named Vanilla Ice Cream, is expected to follow Android 14’s Upside Down Cake and is expected to be released around May 2024. The first eligible devices for Android 15 will be the Pixels, with the stable version being launched with the Pixel 9 lineup. The next feature to be added is NFC, which will be separated from Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and ultra-wideband in system updates. This modular approach allows for quicker patching of security issues and more frequent updates. Stay tuned for more leaks and rumours about Android 15.


What can we expect from Android 15?

Android 15 features
Along with such updates, there will be the usual speed boosts, user interface (UI) modifications, and privacy upgrades seen in major OS releases. Our source, Android expert Mishaal Rahman, has informed us that one rumour floating around is that system updates and NFC will be separated in Android 15.

When will Android 15 be released?

Potential Android 15 release window and device support
In February or March of 2024, we anticipate the release of the Android 15 Developer Preview by the company.

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