S20 FE 5G Transforms: Exploring the Android 14 Upgrade

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The S20 FE 5G has been upgraded to Android 14. Learn about the most recent upgrades, additions, and optimizations that take your gadget to the next level in terms of efficiency, effectiveness, and fun to use. Explore the complexities of this revolutionary upgrade and discover how it transforms your experience with your S20 FE 5G, from improved security to new features. Keep up with the latest developments and make the most of your smartphone with our detailed guide to the Android 14 update.

What’s new in Android 14 on Samsung?

android 14 update for samsung s20 fe 5g

Although Android 14 isn’t a very big update, it does include some significant improvements to the most popular smartphone operating system in the world. Support for UltraHD, an improved sharing menu, new lock screen features, official support for flash notifications, and more are all part of the updates that we’ve already described.

However, many of the new Pixel phone features—like the updated lock screens—have already been implemented on Samsung devices. Then, what’s recent on Galaxy?

Developed on top of Android 14, the newest Android skin from Samsung is called One UI 6. The new “Quick Panel” design for Quick Settings, the ability to change the wallpaper depending on the time of day or specific modes, an expansion of the lock screen customization options, a new camera widget, weather widgets, a new emoji, and a new default system font are some of the notable changes it brings.

Galaxy S devices with Android 14

Galaxy S devices with Android 14

In October 2023, Samsung began rolling out One UI 6 to certain countries’ Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra devices. Although it began in Europe, it has already spread all over the world, including to the US. The update has been rolling out to Galaxy S21 smartphones since mid-November, and Samsung has now extended it to the Galaxy S22 series and the newly-released Galaxy S23 FE—but only on Exynos models.

  • Galaxy S23 – Available globally
  • Galaxy S23+ – Available globally
  • Galaxy S23 Ultra – Available globally
  • Galaxy S23 FE – Exynos widely
  • Galaxy S22: Available globally
  • Galaxy S22+: Available globally
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra: Available globally
  • Galaxy S21: Available widely
  • Galaxy S21+: Available widely
  • Galaxy S21 Ultra: Available widely
  • Galaxy S21 FE: Available widely

Will my Galaxy device get Android 14?

Naturally, not all Samsung devices will get Android 14. According to Samsung’s existing update policy, the update is being delivered. That rules out all flagships produced after 2021; all of them have received at least four significant upgrades to the Android operating system. Nevertheless, due to an oversight on Samsung’s side, the company has announced that the Galaxy S20 series, Galaxy Note 20 series, Galaxy Z Fold 2, and Galaxy Z Flip/5G, which were introduced in 2020, will not get any updates.

Android 14 will be made available to most Samsung devices that were introduced during the last two years. You can still get the update for a little older smartphone, but it will only work with the more costly Galaxy S, Galaxy Z, and Galaxy Tab S series of devices.


Samsung has introduced the Android 14 upgrade to its Galaxy S20 FE 5G, enhancing performance, productivity, and user experience. The update includes security measures, innovative functionalities, and support for UltraHD. Samsung’s latest Android skin, One UI 6, is built on top of Android 14, bringing notable changes like Quick Panel design, wallpaper customization, lock screen customization options, camera widgets, weather widgets, emojis, and the default system font. Not all Samsung smartphones or tablets will receive the update, but older devices will be available with more expensive hardware.


Will Android 14 come to the Samsung S20 FE 5G?

The S20 Fe 5G was reintroduced with Android 11 and SD 865, so according to the three main Android update policies, it is expected to receive Android 14 as an update.

How many updates will the S20 Fe 5G get?

Notably, the Galaxy S20 FE will not be receiving Android 14 or any other significant software upgrades in the future. Yet, over the following two years, it will get security upgrades every quarter for the first year and then on a biannual basis thereafter.

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