Beyond Limits: OnePlus Devices Set for Android 14 Upgrade

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Get ready for OnePlus to revolutionize mobile technology with its upcoming Android 14 update for its prestigious range of handsets. Once again, OnePlus proves its dedication to innovation and consumer happiness by taking the user experience to new levels. With OnePlus, you can stay ahead of the curve thanks to its smooth performance and endless possibilities.

OnePlus Open finally grabs OxygenOS 14

android 14 update for oneplus

Several Aquamorphic redesigns and enhancements to user security are part of the program. Only a small number of OnePlus’s initial foldable devices will be able to get the Android 14 software upgrade. In India, the OnePlus Open is getting OxygenOS 14 (Android 14) with firmware version CPH2551_14.0.0.400 (EX01), as described in a community thread. Before downloading, make sure you have at least 30% battery life and 5GB of free space on your internal memory, according to the Chinese OEM.

A new feature called “Aqua Dynamics” has been added to the OnePlus Open, according to the changelog. Like OnePlus’ “Fluid Cloud” feature, which is evocative of Dynamic Island, it’s a fresh approach to engaging with “morphing forms” to see alerts on your phone. An improved “natural, gentle, and clearer color style” and new themed ringtones and notification noises are just a few ways that OxygenOS 14 updates the Aquamorphic design. The business upgrades its system’s animations using the most recent software to make them more fluid and user-friendly.

Several other important points from the patch notes are included below:

  • Enhances the File Dock with the ability to drag and drop files for easy app and device content migration.
  • Integrates material extraction, a function that can recognize on-screen material and extract text and photos with a single touch, and adds content extraction, a capability that can recognize and extract screen content in its entirety. You can concentrate on the subjects you want to share or reproduce with the help of Smart Cutout, a tool that removes distracting backdrops from images.
  • improves the usefulness of the shelf by supplementing the widget recommendations. At the same time, better permission management makes it safer for apps to access media files. to see which applications are launched on the foldable. According to the firm, as part of their “user care,” they have included an AOD (always-on display) carbon tracker that displays the total amount of carbon emissions avoided when walking instead of driving.

Those in India are now experiencing the rollout of the OxygenOS 14 (Android 14) upgrade, as mentioned before. People in the area who were part of the closed and open betas will get access to the game before everyone else. Most significantly, other nations should begin to get the update shortly after.

After many betas, the previous-gen OnePlus 11 received the upgrade in November; it had the majority of the features seen in the foldable gain today. It was also said in the OnePlus interview that the business was “working very closely with Google to co-develop foldable-related features.”

Users should be able to see most of these enhancements after they get the update.

In related news, the OnePlus Open got its January 2024 security patch, which fixed many issues with the display touch that customers had complained about.

The OnePlus Open Android 14

The OnePlus Open Android 14

OnePlus was lightning fast to provide the OnePlus 11 with the stable Android 14 upgrade, but it waited a long time to give the OnePlus Open, its first foldable smartphone, the same treatment. The long-awaited OxygenOS 14 version, built on top of Android 14, is almost ready to be released. Being in India is all that’s required. This deployment will only be available in India for the time being, according to OnePlus’s mysterious decision.

With any luck, it will be released all across the world very soon. One additional thing to keep in mind. Only those who took part in the closed beta or open beta programs for OnePlus will get the stable version at this time. It will be progressively released to additional users when it reaches all of them. The build that was just released is known as PH2551_14.0.0.400 (EX01). OnePlus has released its official changelog: Which includes Aqua Dynamics, a method of interacting with changing forms that provides instant access to the most recent data.

Enhances the File Dock with the ability to drag and drop files for easy app and device content migration. Integrates Content Extraction, a function that can detect on-screen content and, with a single touch, extract text and pictures. Includes Smart Cutout, a tool for removing unwanted backgrounds from photos so you can focus on the topics you want to share or duplicate. Enhances shelf functionality by augmenting widget suggestions.

Makes app access to photos and videos safer by improving permission management. It makes the system more stable, programs start faster, and animations look smoother. Enhances anamorphic design with a color style that is more pleasant to use by making it more natural, delicate, and transparent. Updates the system notification sounds and adds ringtones with an Aquamorphic theme. Enhances the smoothness of system animations. Included is an AOD for carbon monitoring, which makes it easy to see how much pollution you save by taking the bus or walking instead of driving.


OnePlus is set to release its Android 14 software update to its first foldable smartphone, the OnePlus Open. The update includes several anamorphic redesigns and user security improvements. The update is available in India as firmware version CPH2551_14.0.0.400 (EX01). Key features include “Aqua Dynamics,” a new way of interacting with morphing forms to see notifications, and a more natural, gentle, and clearer color style. The update also includes a File Dock, Content Extraction, Smart Cutout, Shelf, widget recommendations, photo and video-related permission management, and an AOD (always-on display) carbon tracker. The update is expected to roll out globally soon after the OnePlus 11 update.


Is Android 14 coming to OnePlus?

The stable release of OxygenOS 14, which had begun beta testing for the phone at the end of December, is now being made available to the public. Users in India who took part in the open beta and restricted beta programs are now being targeted by OnePlus with the stable OxygenOS 14 release (via Android Authority).

Is OxygenOS 14 stable?

The latest OxygenOS 14 upgrade not only improves the phones’ performance, but also makes the system more stable, app launches faster, and on-device animations even smoother. Improved support for app-specific refresh rates is also included.

Will the OnePlus 8 get Android 14?

Since the 8 and 8 Pro have received all three of the promised versions of Android, they will not be receiving Android 14. Although there is a degree of confusion over that one, the 8T may.

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