Samsung Embraces Android 14 Update For A52s 5G in 2024

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In 2024, Samsung will proudly unveil the Android 14 update for its renowned product, the Samsung A52s 5G, a major step towards improving the user experience and being at the forefront of technical breakthroughs. The highly anticipated update showcases Samsung’s dedication to providing innovative software upgrades, guaranteeing smooth functioning, enhanced performance, and a plethora of fascinating features for consumers throughout the globe.

Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G starts receiving Android 14.

android 14 update for a52s 5g

Users in additional European countries, including the UK and Belgium, may now experience the advantages of Android 14 and One UI 6.0 on their Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G. The large package size of about 2.2 GB and the firmware version ending in FWK4 are telltale signs that users have received this significant upgrade.

Samsung has begun updating the Galaxy A52s 5G, one of the most popular smartphones in the Galaxy A series, with One UI 6.0, which is based on Android 14. Some European nations, notably Germany, are presently seeing the update’s rollout.

The stable One UI 6 upgrade, with build number A528BXXU5FWK4 and an installation package size of roughly 2.3GB, is now available to users of Samsung Galaxy A52s handsets.

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Updating to UI 6 delivers a plethora of new features, improvements, and significant modifications compared to the previous UI, resulting in an incredible experience. Several stock applications are updated to the most recent version, and the security patch for November 2023 is installed by the main software.

Due to the incremental rollout, it can take a few hours or even days for all models to be reached. The One UI 6 update for the Galaxy A52s can be obtained by going to Settings >> Software Update >> Download and Install.

Android 14 with OneUI 6.0 Upgrade

Android 14 with OneUI 6.0 Upgrade

The third significant software update for the Galaxy A52s 5G in India, which includes the One UI 6.0 interface, is now available to owners. The upgrade brings a range of changes. This shows that Samsung is still dedicated to updating its upper-mid-range devices with the most recent software features. The Galaxy A52s has maintained a consistent level of compatibility with new versions of Android since its first introduction with Android 11.

New layout and design elements, as well as necessary security boosters, are part of the major upgrade, which is marked with firmware version A528BXXU5FWK4. It fixes around seventy-five security holes found in the previous version of the program. The update, which provides a security patch for the device that was released in November 2023 and weighs in at about 2.32GB, is both large and impactful.

A revamped Quick Panel, more font options, and an upgraded emoji collection are some of the new features in One UI 6.0 that allow for extensive user customization. Notifications can now be more easily sorted, and the media player widget may now be captivated by waveform animation. Improvements to the camera and editing apps make them more useful; for example, you can now isolate subjects to produce personalized stickers and do comprehensive edits in the picture editor.

For a trouble-free update, Indian owners of the Galaxy A52s 5G may either check their device’s settings for an available update or use a PC and the Odin utility to install the update manually. Worldwide, consumers are eagerly awaiting their chance to experience the upgraded Android 14 with One UI 6.0 as the rollout starts in India.

What’s new in One UI 6.0?

Quick panel

  • The most frequently used functionalities are now more easily accessible thanks to a reorganized button arrangement in the last panel. Visual features such as Dark Mode and Eye Comfort Shield have been repositioned to the bottom of the screen, while the specialized buttons for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth have been relocated to the top. A central region that may be customized displays additional fast-settings buttons.
  • A small, quick panel containing alerts shows by default when you swipe down from the top of the screen. You may instantly reach the larger quick panel by using this method. By swiping down one more, you may see the extended fast panel and hide notifications. You may reach the extended fast panel with a single swipe from the right side of the top of the screen if you enable fast settings and rapid access. A notification feed may be accessed by swiping left from the screen.
  • You can now reach the brightness control bar in the small quick panel with a single swipe from the top of the screen. This makes adjusting the brightness much faster and simpler.
  • Album art will now fill the whole media controller in the notification panel while music or videos are playing if the app that is playing them supports album art.
  • An improved notification structure makes it simpler to identify specific alerts by displaying them as distinct cards. To make it simpler to identify which app delivered a notice, notification icons now resemble app icons on the Home and App screens.
  • To ensure that the most recent alerts appear first in your inbox, you now have the option to arrange them by time rather than priority in the notification settings.


Samsung has announced the Android 14 upgrade for its Galaxy A series smartphone, the Samsung A52s 5G, in 2024. The update, based on One UI 6.0, is now available in European countries like Belgium and the UK. The One UI 6 update, with One UI build version A528BXXU5FWK4, includes new features and enhancements. The update also addresses 75 security vulnerabilities identified in the pre-existing software.

The One UI 6.0 update includes a redesigned Quick Panel, new font choices, and an updated emoji set. The update also includes enhanced sorting capabilities for notifications and an improved album art display. The update is expected to roll out in some European countries, including Germany, and will be available for download and installation via the settings menu or manually.


Will the A52s get Android 14?

The December security patch is included in the second update for the Galaxy A52s, which is based on Android 14. Samsung is already delivering a follow-up upgrade to the mid-range phone in select areas, even though the Galaxy A52s just began getting the Android 14/One UI 6 update two weeks ago.

How long is the Samsung A52s 5G supported?

How many Android versions were compatible with the Galaxy A52s 5G? Revisions to Samsung’s Android operating system update policies were made in September 2022. A five-year security patch is now available for the Galaxy A52s 5G, according to Samsung U.S.A.

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